Commit 42b3397f authored by zorglub's avatar zorglub

Added details about the options of the mini-SAP-server

parent badde237
......@@ -29,7 +29,10 @@ should contain a global section with the Time To Live of the SAP
announces and a section per program announced. Use the comments to
understand each parameter.</para>
<para>The Time To Live option indicates the maximum number of routers
that the SAP announce packet can cross before being dropped.</para>
<sect1><title>Run the mini-SAP-server</title>
......@@ -39,6 +42,16 @@ understand each parameter.</para>
<prompt>% </prompt><userinput>./sapserver -c sap.cfg</userinput>
<para>If you want to run the mini-SAP-server in the background, use the
<command>-d</command> command line switch. For instance:</para>
<prompt>% </prompt><userinput>./sapserver -d -c sap.cfg</userinput>
<para>You can also omit the <command>-c</command> command line switch if
your config file is <command>/etc/sap.cfg</command>
<sect1><title>Configure VLC(s) to listen to the SAP announces</title>
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