Commit 36bd8f94 authored by Christoph Miebach's avatar Christoph Miebach

Recommend squeeze-backports to Debian squeeze users

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<h2> Debian stable (squeeze) </h2>
<p> VLC is available in squeeze, with a quite old version.<br />
Install <code>vlc</code>, <code>mozilla-plugin-vlc</code>, the usual way you do it. </p>
<p> It is highly recommended that you get a recent version of <a href="/vlc/">VLC</a> on squeeze by installing the version from <b>squeeze-backports</b>.<br />
Add the <a href="">squeeze-backports repository</a> and install VLC: <code>sudo apt-get -t squeeze-backports install vlc</code>
<p> If you want a more recent version of <a href="/vlc/">VLC</a>, please take the version from testing.<br />
<p> Without backports, you will end up with the very old version of VLC in vanilla squeeze (install vlc and mozilla-plugin-vlc as usual).</p>
<h2> Debian testing (wheezy) </h2>
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