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......@@ -37,7 +37,7 @@ by browsing the <a href="">releases</a>.
<h2>Changelog and Documentation</h2>
<p> You can see the <a href="libdvdcss/NEWS">release notes</a> and the
<a href="libdvdcss/ChangeLog.html">ChangeLog</a>.</p>
<a href="libdvdcss/ChangeLog">ChangeLog</a>.</p>
<table border="0">
......@@ -54,8 +54,6 @@ by browsing the <a href="">releases</a>.
<a href="libdvdcss/doc/html/">HTML</a>
<a href="libdvdcss/doc/latex/refman.dvi">DVI</a>
<a href="libdvdcss/doc/latex/">PS</a>
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