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<p>VLC for Zaurus is still in an experimental state. It has been reporting working on several Zaurus setups but may stop working on others, there no member of the project owns an Zaurus. Please tell is if VLC works on you Zaurus and also if it doesn't. We need your feedback to keep this page up to date.</p>
<h1>Package download </h1>
<h2>Package download </h2>
<p>The latest release for Zaurus is version v0.5.3. It can be downloaded with the link below. Do not forget to also install the additional libraries that are listed on this page. VLC for zaurus will not function without them.</p>
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<h1>User Interface</h1>
<h2>User Interface</h2>
<p>VLC for zaurus comes currently without a user interface and is thus only accessible through the commandline. There is a script called zaurus-vlc that will aid you to launch vlc in the Opie environment.</p>
<h1>Additional libraries needed</h1>
<h2>Additional libraries needed</h2>
<p>Zaurus vlc needs the following packages installed:</p>
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<h1>Libc extras needed</h1>
<h2>Libc extras needed</h2>
<p>The Zaurus comes with a tailored down libc installation. VLC depends on one extra library that is not provided by default. Here it is:</p>
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<p>Installation instructions:</p>
<h3>Installation instructions:</h3>
<p>First you must become root user then perform the following steps.</p>
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# ldconfig
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