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Bad link

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......@@ -40,14 +40,14 @@ unlikely that a Windows virus would end there. </p>
<p>Windows self-extractig package:</p>
<? pkgitemdev("0.8.0-test2/win32", "vlc-0.8.0-test2-win32.exe"); ?>
<? pkgitemdev("vlc-0.8.0-test2/win32", "vlc-0.8.0-test2-win32.exe"); ?>
<p> Windows zip package (identical to the above but without the installer): </p>
<? pkgitemdev("0.8.0-test2/win32",""); ?>
<? pkgitemdev("vlc-0.8.0-test2/win32",""); ?>
<h2>Older versions</h2>
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