Commit 0e8aff94 authored by Alexis de Lattre's avatar Alexis de Lattre

Moved misc into main....

parent 1db456b4
......@@ -53,10 +53,6 @@ distribution, you may be asked to install a few of them first.</p>
pkgitem("vlc/0.6.1/rpm/redhat-9.0","xosd-2.2.2-fr1.i386.rpm","(X on-screen display library)");
pkgitem("vlc/0.6.1/rpm/redhat-9.0","imlib2-1.0.6-fr3.i386.rpm","(Package required for dependancies)");
pkgitem("vlc/0.6.1/rpm/redhat-9.0","libdv-0.99-fr2.i386.rpm","(Package required for dependancies)");
<p>Misc additional features:</p>
pkgitem("vlc/0.6.1/rpm/redhat-9.0","lirc-0.6.6-fr1.i386.rpm","(Remote control program)");
pkgitem("vlc/0.6.1/rpm/redhat-9.0","libid3tag-0.15.0b-fr1.i386.rpm","(MP3 headers parsing library)");
pkgitem("vlc/0.6.1/rpm/redhat-9.0","aalib-1.4rc5-fr2.i386.rpm","(Video to Text library)");
......@@ -71,4 +67,4 @@ FTP site.</p>
<p> Older versions can be found by <a href="/pub/vlc/">browsing</a> our
FTP site. </p>
<? footer('$Id: download-redhat.html,v 1.25 2003/08/10 22:05:48 alexis Exp $'); ?>
<? footer('$Id: download-redhat.html,v 1.26 2003/08/13 07:15:49 alexis Exp $'); ?>
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