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install-vls : added currently supported OS

intro.sgml : small explanation so that windows users do not feel lost surrounded by all these command lines.
sap.sgml : where to find a sap.cfg file.
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......@@ -54,6 +54,8 @@ contains the following line :
<simplesect><title>Install VLS</title>
<para> Full-featured VLS is currently only available for linux. VLS can also be built on computers running Mac OS X, and is _not_ available any more for Microsoft Windows operating systems. Please visit <ulink url="http://www/">VLS features page</ulink> for more information</para>
<para> Download the sources of the latest release : get the
file <filename>vls-version.tar.gz</filename> from the <ulink
......@@ -240,7 +240,9 @@ page</ulink>.</para>
<para>In this document, we adopt the following conventions for the Unix
<para>Windows users : Some features are currently only available using the command line interface of VLC. To run such commands, you can use a Dos command box.</para>
<para>Unix systems users : in this document, we adopt the following conventions for the Unix
commands :</para>
......@@ -38,6 +38,8 @@ that the SAP announce packet can cross before being dropped.</para>
<para>Start the mini-SAP-server :</para>
<note><para>A typical sap.cfg configuration file is shipped with mini-SAP-server.</para></note>
<prompt>% </prompt><userinput>./sapserver -c sap.cfg</userinput>
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