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[![Join the chat at](](
libvlcpp is the C++ bindings for libvlc
[libvlcpp]( is a header-only, C++ bindings for the libvlc crossplatform multimedia API. It is an official binding over the VideoLAN libvlc library and can be used on many platforms.
## Documentation
Since libvlcpp is a close wrapper over libvlc, your documentation needs will be best served by either checking the libvlcpp source code, or the [libvlc documentation](
## Issues
libvlcpp tickets are located on our [GitLab](
## Contribution
Contribution are always welcome!
Feel free to open a merge request on our [GitLab](
## Examples
For usage examples, head over to the examples folder where you will find several code samples, such as [helloworld](examples/helloworld/main.cpp) and more.
## Used by
libvlcpp is being used and tested extensively in various projects, such as the VideoLAN [medialibrary](, the previous [VLC for UWP]( app and more.
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