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VLC media player 3.0.7 'Vetinari'

This is the eighth release of VLC 3.0 branch, named "Vetinari",
in reference to the Lord Patrician from Discworld.

This updates contains a various fixes and improvements
 - Better support for casting with the new Chromecast app
 - Fixes HLG & 12bits display with D3D11
 - Fixes UPNP support on macOS with multiple network interfaces
 - Fixes audio pass through on Android 23
 - Fixes video output crashes on iOS

And it mostly focuses on security, fixing various buffer overflows, uses
after free, integer overflow & underflow.
Over 35 security issues were fixed.
This was made possible by the Europeean Commission through the
EU-FOSSA 2 program. The VideoLAN team would like to thank them!

Check our NEWS file for more details!

Vetinari is a major release changing a lot in the media engine of VLC.
It is one of the largest release we've ever done.

Notably, it:
 - activates hardware decoding on all platforms, of H.264 & H.265, 8 & 10bits,
   allowing 4K60 or even 8K decoding with little CPU consumption,
 - merges all the code from the mobile ports into the same codebase with
   common numbering and releases,
 - supports 360 video and 3D audio, and prepares for VR content,
 - supports direct HDR and HDR tone-mapping,
 - updates the audio passthrough for HD Audio codecs,
 - allows browsing of local network drives like SMB, FTP, SFTP, NFS...
 - stores the passwords securely,
 - brings a new subtitle rendering engine, supporting ComplexTextLayout
   and font fallback to support multiple languages and fonts,
 - supports ChromeCast with the new renderer framework,
 - adds support for numerous new formats and codecs, including WebVTT,
   AV1, TTML, HQX, 708, Cineform, and many more,
 - improves Bluray support with Java menus, aka BD-J,
 - updates the macOS interface with major cleaning and improvements,
 - support HiDPI UI on Windows, with the switch to Qt5,
 - prepares the experimental support for Wayland on Linux, and
   switches to OpenGL by default on Linux.