Commit f2117c57 authored by Duncan McNAMARA's avatar Duncan McNAMARA Committed by Geoffrey Métais

Medialibrary: unify audio media description string

Audio media description in AbstractMediaWrapper's constructor had the
order "Artist - Album" where as the Tools.setMediaDesctiption had the
order "Album - Artist"
parent 881820f6
......@@ -84,7 +84,7 @@ public class Tools {
final String artist = mw.getReferenceArtist(), album = mw.getAlbum();
final StringBuilder sb = new StringBuilder();
boolean hasArtist = !TextUtils.isEmpty(artist), hasAlbum = !TextUtils.isEmpty(album);
if (hasArtist && hasAlbum) sb.append(album).append(" - ").append(artist);
if (hasArtist && hasAlbum) sb.append(artist).append(" - ").append(album);
else if (hasArtist) sb.append(artist);
else sb.append(album);
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