Commit 881820f6 authored by Duncan McNAMARA's avatar Duncan McNAMARA Committed by Geoffrey Métais

ArtistProvider: set default showAll to false

parent 226ce368
......@@ -40,7 +40,8 @@ import org.videolan.vlc.viewmodels.MedialibraryViewModel
class AudioBrowserViewModel(context: Context) : MedialibraryViewModel(context) {
val artistsProvider = ArtistsProvider(context, this, true)
val artistsProvider = ArtistsProvider(context, this,
Settings.getInstance(context).getBoolean(KEY_ARTISTS_SHOW_ALL, false))
val albumsProvider = AlbumsProvider(null, context, this)
val tracksProvider = TracksProvider(null, context, this)
val genresProvider = GenresProvider(context, this)
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