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doc: add details for the unreviewed MR acceptance process

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......@@ -57,7 +57,7 @@ graph TD
Q2 -->|Yes| Reviewable([Reviewable])
Q2 -->|No| NotCompliant
Q2 -->|Cannot determine| PipelineNotFinished([PipelineNotFinished])
Reviewable -->|"No vote and No thread opened during 72h"| Accepted([Accepted])
Reviewable -->|"No vote and No thread opened during 72h (1)"| Accepted([Accepted])
Reviewable -->|"Thread opened or another Developer voted"| InReview([InReview])
InReview -->|"All threads resolved and Score >= 0"| Acceptable([Acceptable])
InReview -->|"Inactive for 60 days"| Stale([Stale])
......@@ -73,6 +73,10 @@ style Reviewable color:#FF610A,stroke:#FF610A
style Stale color:#6699cc,stroke:#6699cc
*(1)*: 72h after the creation time of the MR, if there is no new version of it. The exact deadline is the later of:
- `(time of the first version of the MR or out-of-draft time) + 72h`
- `(time of the last "non simple/fast-forward rebase" version of the MR) + 24h`
### If the MergeRequest author is **NOT** a project's developer
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