Commit c694034a authored by Simon Latapie's avatar Simon Latapie
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avoid sending report when Accepted label is removed

- There seem to be no way to discriminate a push force (new version of
  MR) and a "rebase then merge MR when pipeline succeeds). It is not
  that important that homer removes the Accepted label on this part of
  the process, but sending a "not accepted" report is confusing.
parent a91d7bd5
......@@ -241,11 +241,6 @@ func main() {
} else {
logMR(mr.IID, "Label successfully removed")
if err := mr.CreateNote(generateReport(mr, checks)); err != nil {
logMR(mr.IID, "ERROR while trying to add a comment in MR:", err)
} else {
logMR(mr.IID, "Comment successfully added")
errors <- nil
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