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The Acceptance process slightly differs whether you are a project's *developer* (or higher) or not.
## Voting system
### Voting system
- The **Score** is computed by comparing the number of :thumbsup: and :thumbsdown: given to the MergeRequest
- Only project *developers* (or higher) are taken into account
- No vote (for a Developer MR) means Score = 0
## Process Diagram
### Process Diagram
## Implementation
# Implementation
Homer uses a simple decision graph to determine the status of the merge requests.
### Status Definitions
Visible status:
- NotCompliant: This MR doesn't pass the mandatory requirements such as a successful pipeline
- Reviewable: This MR has passed the pipeline and can now be reviewed by developers
- InReview: This MR is being reviewed and has opened discussions
- Acceptable: This MR will be accepted once the cooldown period has passed (24h or 72h)
- Accepted: This MR can be rebased and merged by a developer
Internal status:
- Submitted: Initial status
- PipelineReady: Is it possible to check the pipeline result
- QuantumState: It is not possible to know if the merge request is mergeable (the mergeability check is not finished)
- PipelineNotFinished: The pipeline check is not finished.
### If the MergeRequest author has Developer role (or higher)
......@@ -30,7 +46,7 @@ graph TD
Q2 -->|No| NotCompliant
Q2 -->|Cannot determine| PipelineNotFinished([PipelineNotFinished])
Reviewable -->|"No vote and No thread opened during 72h"| Accepted([Accepted])
Reviewable -->|"Thread opened or a Developer voted"| InReview([InReview])
Reviewable -->|"Thread opened or another Developer voted"| InReview([InReview])
InReview -->|"All threads resolved and Score >= 0"| Acceptable([Acceptable])
Acceptable -->|Wait for 24h| Accepted
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