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devscore: update acceptance diagram

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......@@ -18,7 +18,7 @@ stateDiagram
Submitted --> Reviewable: CI OK\nand\nmergeable
Reviewable --> InReview: Thread opened\nor\nAnother Developer voted
Reviewable --> Accepted: No vote\nNo thread opened\nduring 72h
InReview --> Acceptable: All threads resolved\nand\nlen(votes) > 0\nand\n Score >= 0
InReview --> Acceptable: All threads resolved\nand\n(no vote or Score >= 0)
Acceptable --> Accepted: Wait for 24h
Acceptable --> InReview: A thread has been (re)opened\nor\nlen(votes) = 0\nor\nScore < 0
Accepted --> Merged: A Developer launches rebase and merge when pipeline succeeds
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