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    contrib: aom: Update to a recent git snapshot · 5aa68fe4
    Martin Storsjö authored
    This version makes sure pthreads-w32 isn't accidentally detected
    and enabled; previously when building contribs for windows, aom
    would end up trying to use pthreads-w32 (but fail linking the plugin)
    if it was built after pthreads-w32.
    This version also supports building with assembly or intrinsics
    for windows on arm/arm64.
    In principle, the same issue also exists in libvpx. However, when
    libvpx is built with the contribs build system, the contribs include
    directory isn't passed to libvpx, so it won't accidentally find
    pthreads-w32. (This issue is fixed in the latest git version of libvpx.)
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