1. 11 Sep, 2018 1 commit
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      playQueue: Make future-ready · f107c9de
      Vibhoothi authored
      Initialised basic playQueue with collectionView
      Changed the definitions of functions from VideoWindowCommon to MainWindow
      Cleanup the XIBs
  2. 08 Sep, 2018 1 commit
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      libraryView: First steps for Play-Queue · ee4017c5
      Vibhoothi authored
      This commit introduces a new tab bar at the top of the mainWindow where there will be
      diffrent options like "video","audio" etc and the "play-Queue". Also when user plays a
      video from the libraryView or anyway the Tab bar automatically dissapers.
  3. 25 Aug, 2018 1 commit
  4. 24 Aug, 2018 1 commit
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      libraryView: Make video Playable · 6792d8be
      Vibhoothi authored
      This adds a new approach by calling addPlaylistItems method
      A new NSDictionary object with key "ITEM_URL" as it is required,which is added to a NSArray
      Console Output:
              "ITEM_URL" = "file:///Users/vibhoothiiaanand/Desktop/dummyVideos/Video5.3gp";
      2018-08-24 23:26:33.241 vlc-osx-static[72846:2136112] -[NSURL length]: unrecognized selector
      sent to instance 0x7f9b93784980
      GUI output:
      Freezes and need to force close
      To Do
      Fix  passing of the NSArray proper which is broken as of now
  5. 09 Aug, 2018 1 commit
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      libraryView:Final cleanup and Ready-to use · d6343816
      Vibhoothi authored
      This is the final cleanup of the codebase
      - Added pragma-marks to the classes for more readability
      - Reordered code in mainWindow in favour to the pragma-marks
  6. 08 Aug, 2018 3 commits
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      libraryView:Use only single instance of dataModel · 29278198
      Vibhoothi authored
      Make and use only one instance of dataModel for showing items inside libraryView
      Following changes were introduced with this
       - This fixes the regression of 264754b3
       - Also now the performance of loading is increased a bit
       - Did a minor cleanup of VLCMainWindow
       - Also fixes the issue of not laoding thumbnail and videoTitle inside popOver
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      libraryView:Standarization of class Names · 6224bf17
      Vibhoothi authored
      During initial development of libraryView we made the cocoa classes names with
      non-standerized names without proper Naming Conventions
      VLCMainWindowCollectionViewItem -> VLCLibraryView
      VLCMainWindowDataModel -> VLCLibraryItem
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      libraryView: Remove multiple instance of dataModel · 264754b3
      Vibhoothi authored
      Earlier we had 3 diffrent dataModel for thumbinail,image and years,now we have only one
       - Currently values is added to array which is being replaced instead of adding which
      dataModel to repeat valeus
       - Fix up passing the dataModel to collectionViewItem
  7. 07 Aug, 2018 6 commits
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      libraryView: MVC based libraryView with dummyData · 4531bbef
      Vibhoothi authored
      This commit fully revamp the current implementation of the dummyData with proper Guidelines
      of MVC so now the data is made into a datamModel and passed to
      VLCMainWindowCollectionViewItem with assignValueForDataModel with dataModel as an argument
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      libraryView: Minor cleanup of the mainWindow · de3b523e
      Vibhoothi authored
      Cleaned up the VLCMainWinodw class
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      libraryView: Fix all constraint issues of libraryView's item · 91240079
      Vibhoothi authored
      This commit fixes the typos and all other issues of the colletionViewItems like
         - Wrong Dimensions of items
         - Wrong flowLayout item size
         - Add and remove few missing constraints
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      libraryView:Add and remove constraints of libraryView's Item · 36cc211c
      Vibhoothi authored
      This commit fixses most of constraints issue found in the collectionViewItem's IB
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      LibraryView: Introduce Thumbinails with videoTitle using ImageGenerator · aa3299f6
      Vibhoothi authored
      Introduces thumbinails to VLC's libraryView which is now loaded from local directory since
      its now using dummyData only not using CoreAPIs.
      This commit also introduces videoTitle field below to video thumbinail in libraryView
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      MainWindow: Introduce libraryView · 5980e67d
      Vibhoothi authored
      - Loads the image from default location which is hardcoded as of now using NSColelctionVIewDataSource and NSFileManager.
      - Uses FlowLayout for showing the items in the collectionView
      - Shows Highlight of selection with blue colour (alternateSelectedControlColor).
      - Get the index of selection using delegate following NSCollectionViewDelegate protocol and for debugging and all have displayed the log of it to command line.
      - Scrolling function is also there with this, when the user resizes Window,it dynamically resizes the collection view items
  8. 10 Jun, 2018 8 commits
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