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    • David Fuhrmann's avatar
      macosx: cleanup filters config during upgrade from 2.2.x to 3.0 · 31140f02
      David Fuhrmann authored
      VLC 2.2.x fully controlled VLCs audio or videofilter-related config
      variables with the filter dialogs and the video or audio effects
      panel overwrote any changes from config with the values from the
      In VLC 3.0, the config is left alone and filter parameters
      are only read from the preset strings. Additionally, by default
      the Default profile (with default off settings) will be loaded at
      startup, to ensure that no filters accidentially stay enabled.
      Therefore, for migration, from 2.2.x to 3.0 versions, lets clear
      the audio-filter and video-filter variables. Users with custom
      profiles still keep their settings.
      close #19260
    • David Fuhrmann's avatar
      macosx: audio effects: Do not duplicate EQ settings when saving profile · d0fe23e6
      David Fuhrmann authored
      For now, disable the code which duplicated EQ settings. This code
      currently always duplicates settings if something was touched, as the
      comparison with index 0 (flat profile) will very likey fail.
      This needs more improvements beyond the current code, before we can
      activate auto-saving of EQ changes, mainly:
      - Figure out a way how to deal with (likely unchangable) default profiles
      - Correctly mark own created profiles
      - Correctly save own created profiles once overall preset is changed, but
        not override standard profiles
      - Save own EQ profiles at exit automatically if desired.
      - If above problems are solved, AND the user selected a default EQ profile
        and changed it inbetween, the commented code can be reconsidered.
      This commit basically changes behaviour back to vlc 2.2.x, where a new
      EQ Profile needs to be explicitly saved if desired (using the dropdown
      refs #19260
    • David Fuhrmann's avatar
      macosx: audio filters: load audio-filters variable from preset correctly · 9708d49b
      David Fuhrmann authored
      Load audio filters correctly. Previously, only new filters were
      added, but removed filters not disabled.
      playlist_EnableAudioFilter ensures correct filter order in addition
      to modifying the audio-filters variable. As the profile string is
      created and changed with playlist_EnableAudioFilter, the saved
      string conforms to the rules, so here it can be directly loaded.
      Also removes redundant UI updates, which are done in a different
      method already.
      refs #19260
    • David Fuhrmann's avatar
      macosx: audio effects: Do same profile handling for audio effects · b7732114
      David Fuhrmann authored
      This ports over video effects profile handling to audio effects.
      Behaviour is the same for the main audio profile.
      This also fixes an occasion where equalizer was not updated correctly.
      refs #19260
    • David Fuhrmann's avatar
      macosx: video effects: Remove Default entry in deletion dialog · f9244804
      David Fuhrmann authored
      The default entry cannot be deleted anymore, so lets not show it
      in the deletion dialog at all.
      Also remove usage of self inside the block to avoid strong
      reference cycles.
      refs #19260
    • Marvin Scholz's avatar
      macosx: Do not show nonexistent sout stats · f0534b7a
      Marvin Scholz authored
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    • David Fuhrmann's avatar
      macosx: video effects: improve compatibility with old settings · 42115489
      David Fuhrmann authored
      This implements the following migration behaviour with older
      VLC version:
      - Index 0 in settings used to be the Default profile, and is now
        ignored (not read from and not written to anymore)
      - The default settings still include the default profile in index
        0, to maintain backwards compatibility if older VLC are started.
      - In profile selector, index 0 is still the Default profile,
        if the "apply at next startup" is selected, a new Custom profile
        is created at exit.
      - By default after updating, no profile will be deployed at launch,
        so the "Default profile is selected.
      refs #19260
    • David Fuhrmann's avatar
    • David Fuhrmann's avatar
      macosx: Video filter: Correctly determine type of variable · 54152cec
      David Fuhrmann authored
      Due to uninitialized variable, type was not detected correctly.
      Consequently, the playlist variables for video effects were not
      set correctly.
    • David Fuhrmann's avatar
      macosx: audio effects: Explain reasoning for UI manipulation in init · 4873ca47
      David Fuhrmann authored
      In init, the window is not loaded yet, so changing UI elements
      does not work yet (pointers are null). It does not harm either, due to
      objc behaviour on null object. But it also initializes the needed playlist
      In the longer term, this should probably be splitted, as touching
      lots of non-existing UI elements in init is not ideal.
    • David Fuhrmann's avatar
      macosx: Do not lazy-load audio and video effect controllers anymore · 7798c907
      David Fuhrmann authored
      Those need to be loaded at startup now, to make sure stored
      profiles are correctly applied, even before the panels are opened.
      Previously (VLC 2.2.x), a saved profile was mirrored into the
      respective VLC config options, thus it was not needed before.
      this is not done anymore.
      refs #19260
    • David Fuhrmann's avatar
      macosx: profiles: Fix rules when new "CustomXXX" profiles are created · 7bf09f9b
      David Fuhrmann authored
      * Fix bug where default video profile was at an older version, resulting
        in a new profile always created after opening the vout effects
      * On termination, only create a new profile if the apply button is
        on, the user is at default profile and actually changed something.
        This profile will be also marked as to be selected at next startup
        (which is the meaning of that check box)
      refs #19260
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