1. 07 Aug, 2018 9 commits
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      libraryView: Fix all constraint issues of libraryView's item · 91240079
      Vibhoothi authored
      This commit fixes the typos and all other issues of the colletionViewItems like
         - Wrong Dimensions of items
         - Wrong flowLayout item size
         - Add and remove few missing constraints
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      libraryView:Introduce a dataModel · 0bf55a22
      Vibhoothi authored
      This commits adds a new dataModel to the VLC which essentailly brings us the Model View
      Controller concept ie. seperates dataModel from View and Controlle
      The following are the changes introuduced with this commitr
        - Add Cocoa class VLCMainWindowDataModel which is the dataModel for us
        - Build the dataModel
        - Make changes to the VLC Xcode Project to adapt to the new change
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      libraryView:Add and remove constraints of libraryView's Item · 36cc211c
      Vibhoothi authored
      This commit fixses most of constraints issue found in the collectionViewItem's IB
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      LibraryView: Introduce Thumbinails with videoTitle using ImageGenerator · aa3299f6
      Vibhoothi authored
      Introduces thumbinails to VLC's libraryView which is now loaded from local directory since
      its now using dummyData only not using CoreAPIs.
      This commit also introduces videoTitle field below to video thumbinail in libraryView
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      libraryView: Add a popOver inside collectionView · 5298b5c7
      Vibhoothi authored
      This commit introduces a minimal popOver with a button into the collectionView aka
      LibraryView which shows all metaData informationd of the video when user clicks the button
      found in collectionViewItem
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      MainWindow: Introduce libraryView · 5980e67d
      Vibhoothi authored
      - Loads the image from default location which is hardcoded as of now using NSColelctionVIewDataSource and NSFileManager.
      - Uses FlowLayout for showing the items in the collectionView
      - Shows Highlight of selection with blue colour (alternateSelectedControlColor).
      - Get the index of selection using delegate following NSCollectionViewDelegate protocol and for debugging and all have displayed the log of it to command line.
      - Scrolling function is also there with this, when the user resizes Window,it dynamically resizes the collection view items
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      extras: Hello macOS 10.11 · 13ef6287
      Vibhoothi authored
      From VLC 4.0 we are making 10.11 macOS version as minimum specification for having
      libraryView feature and for all who are below 10.11 will have normal VLC without libraryView
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      macosx:Introduce VLCMainWindowCollectionViewItem cocoa class with XIB · 56bd830f
      Vibhoothi authored
      This introduction is for making libraryView based on NSCollectionView by default for VLC 4.0
      The following files are newly introduced
       - VLCMainWindowCollectionViewItem.xib : An Interface for showing collectionView items.
       - VLCMainWindowCollectionViewItem.h   : Header file for defining instance and instance variables
       - VLCMainWindowCollectionViewItem.m   : Cococa class which contains implementation of instance and representation of objects
      -  Build VLCMainWindowCollectionViewItem files
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      extras: Introuduce new properties for VLC Xcode project · 6b6879b5
      Vibhoothi authored
      This commit introduces various changes to current VLC Xcode project which is essential
      for future development.Also few are done as per Xcode Specification
  2. 10 Jun, 2018 31 commits