1. 14 Sep, 2018 1 commit
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      playQueue: Minor Improvements · 40940702
      Vibhoothi authored
      This commits includes many WIP and broken things which is not advised to take up.
       = Introduces new VLCPlayQueueItem which is essentially the dataModel for the
       - Adds a function to add to playQueue which is broken as_of_now
       - Rearranged some functions in favour of more clean approach of the
      implementation of playQueue
  2. 24 Aug, 2018 1 commit
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      libraryView: Make video Playable · 6792d8be
      Vibhoothi authored
      This adds a new approach by calling addPlaylistItems method
      A new NSDictionary object with key "ITEM_URL" as it is required,which is added to a NSArray
      Console Output:
              "ITEM_URL" = "file:///Users/vibhoothiiaanand/Desktop/dummyVideos/Video5.3gp";
      2018-08-24 23:26:33.241 vlc-osx-static[72846:2136112] -[NSURL length]: unrecognized selector
      sent to instance 0x7f9b93784980
      GUI output:
      Freezes and need to force close
      To Do
      Fix  passing of the NSArray proper which is broken as of now
  3. 09 Aug, 2018 1 commit
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      libraryView:Final cleanup and Ready-to use · d6343816
      Vibhoothi authored
      This is the final cleanup of the codebase
      - Added pragma-marks to the classes for more readability
      - Reordered code in mainWindow in favour to the pragma-marks
  4. 08 Aug, 2018 3 commits
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      libraryView:Use only single instance of dataModel · 29278198
      Vibhoothi authored
      Make and use only one instance of dataModel for showing items inside libraryView
      Following changes were introduced with this
       - This fixes the regression of 264754b3
       - Also now the performance of loading is increased a bit
       - Did a minor cleanup of VLCMainWindow
       - Also fixes the issue of not laoding thumbnail and videoTitle inside popOver
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      libraryView:Standarization of class Names · 6224bf17
      Vibhoothi authored
      During initial development of libraryView we made the cocoa classes names with
      non-standerized names without proper Naming Conventions
      VLCMainWindowCollectionViewItem -> VLCLibraryView
      VLCMainWindowDataModel -> VLCLibraryItem
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      libraryView: Remove multiple instance of dataModel · 264754b3
      Vibhoothi authored
      Earlier we had 3 diffrent dataModel for thumbinail,image and years,now we have only one
       - Currently values is added to array which is being replaced instead of adding which
      dataModel to repeat valeus
       - Fix up passing the dataModel to collectionViewItem
  5. 07 Aug, 2018 3 commits
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      libraryView: MVC based libraryView with dummyData · 4531bbef
      Vibhoothi authored
      This commit fully revamp the current implementation of the dummyData with proper Guidelines
      of MVC so now the data is made into a datamModel and passed to
      VLCMainWindowCollectionViewItem with assignValueForDataModel with dataModel as an argument
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      libraryView: Add a popOver inside collectionView · 5298b5c7
      Vibhoothi authored
      This commit introduces a minimal popOver with a button into the collectionView aka
      LibraryView which shows all metaData informationd of the video when user clicks the button
      found in collectionViewItem
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      macosx:Introduce VLCMainWindowCollectionViewItem cocoa class with XIB · 56bd830f
      Vibhoothi authored
      This introduction is for making libraryView based on NSCollectionView by default for VLC 4.0
      The following files are newly introduced
       - VLCMainWindowCollectionViewItem.xib : An Interface for showing collectionView items.
       - VLCMainWindowCollectionViewItem.h   : Header file for defining instance and instance variables
       - VLCMainWindowCollectionViewItem.m   : Cococa class which contains implementation of instance and representation of objects
      -  Build VLCMainWindowCollectionViewItem files