Commit f006b0e4 authored by David Fuhrmann's avatar David Fuhrmann

macOS Workaround for breakpad symbol generation

Current tools set the library identification names to the
unversioned libraries (e.g. rpath/libvlccore.dylib), therefore
breakpad needs symbols with that library name.
Currently, breakpad does not support having the same symbols for
multiple names, therefore it cannot keep symbols for both the
versioned and unversioned variants.

Workaround that by removing the symlinks and only keeping the
unversioned name of the libraries for

refs #19653
parent 724747fa
......@@ -231,6 +231,12 @@ if [ "$PACKAGETYPE" = "u" ]; then
rm -rf
cp -Rp
# Workaround for breakpad symbol parsing:
# Symbols must be uploaded for libvlc(core).dylib, not libvlc(core).x.dylib
(cd && rm libvlccore.dylib && mv libvlccore.*.dylib libvlccore.dylib)
(cd && rm libvlc.dylib && mv libvlc.*.dylib libvlc.dylib)
find -name "*.dylib" -exec strip -x {} \;
find -type f -name "VLC" -exec strip -x {} \;
find -type f -name "Sparkle" -exec strip -x {} \;
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