Commit ea9fdad8 authored by Jean-Baptiste Kempf's avatar Jean-Baptiste Kempf


parent 8b855118
......@@ -889,3 +889,14 @@ VLC development is NOT about being a sed god.
< j-b> isn't Amy WineHouse brit?
-- #videolan
< gatty> *grmbl* my room smells of melting silicon
< TypX> buy better condoms
< gatty> o_O
< linkfanel> TypX: condoms are made of rubber
< linkfanel> or sheep bowels for people allergic to rubber
< courmisch> you don't know what TypX uses condoms _with_ though
< TypX> linkfanel: never heard of silicone lubricant?
< linkfanel> and what, your dick shoot lava?
-- #videolan
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