Commit b3683d44 authored by Jean-Baptiste Kempf's avatar Jean-Baptiste Kempf

Fortune: OSS, French vs Finish administration

parent 014ad89f
......@@ -983,3 +983,13 @@ reactor leaks ionizing radiations."
< TypX> finally { featureit(); }
-- #videolan
< courmisch> OSS needs an open device to enumerate devices.
< courmisch> Because whenever something does not make sense, OSS does it.
< courmisch> For further informations, refer to the chicken-and-egg problem.
< funman> you never had to do with the french administration did you? :P
< courmisch> no but the Finnish immigration process:
< courmisch> work contract needs tax card
< courmisch> tax card need residence registration
< courmisch> residence registration needs work contract
-- #videolan, or why OSS is worse than Government administrations
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