Commit a6838919 authored by Rémi Denis-Courmont's avatar Rémi Denis-Courmont

aout: always use S16N (rather than FI32) in absence of FPU

None of the real audio outputs support FI32; they already typically
converted down to S16 internally. Moreover, mixing FI32 requires
64-bits (signed) multiplication, which non-FPU processors typically
do not support natively.
parent bb94e7b5
......@@ -234,11 +234,6 @@ int aout_OutputNew( audio_output_t *p_aout,
if( HAVE_FPU )
owner->mixer_format.i_format = VLC_CODEC_FL32;
/* Otherwise, audio filters will not work. Use fixed-point if the input has
* more than 16-bits depth. */
if( p_format->i_bitspersample > 16 || !AOUT_FMT_LINEAR(p_format))
owner->mixer_format.i_format = VLC_CODEC_FI32;
/* Fallback to 16-bits. This avoids pointless conversion to and from
* 32-bits samples for the sole purpose of software mixing. */
owner->mixer_format.i_format = VLC_CODEC_S16N;
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