Commit a5424dbf authored by Jean-Baptiste Kempf's avatar Jean-Baptiste Kempf

Win32: declare compatibility with 7, 8, 8.1

This will, most likely, destroy DirectDraw rendering in dr
parent c3a7a890
......@@ -30,6 +30,12 @@
<!--The ID below indicates app support for Windows Vista -->
<supportedOS Id="{e2011457-1546-43c5-a5fe-008deee3d3f0}"/>
<!--The ID below indicates application support for Windows 7 -->
<supportedOS Id="{35138b9a-5d96-4fbd-8e2d-a2440225f93a}"/>
<!-- -->
<!--The ID below indicates app support for Windows 8 -->
<supportedOS Id="{4a2f28e3-53b9-4441-ba9c-d69d4a4a6e38}"/>
<supportedOS Id="{1f676c76-80e1-4239-95bb-83d0f6d0da78}"/>
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