Commit 981c5cca authored by Sam Hocevar's avatar Sam Hocevar

  * ./po/ja.po: added Japanese translation from Fumio Nakayama
  * ./plugins/gtk/gtk_callbacks.c: fixed disc ejection code.
  * ./ChangeLog: how about a nice cup of 870 lines of ChangeLog for the 0.3.0
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......@@ -240,6 +240,10 @@ N: Arkadiusz Miskiewicz
E: misiek@pld.ORG.PL
D: autoconf and Makefile patches
N: Fumio Nakayama
D: Japanese translation
N: Florian G. Pflug
C: fgp
......@@ -4,105 +4,876 @@
* Fixed detection of the esd plugin.
* Fixed the ts plugin's input type detection.
* Fixed the BadCursor error in the x11 and xvideo plugins. For real this
time (unlike my 2001/08/03 fix :p).
* Made the wall filter work a bit better. It now spawns a 3x2 mosaic,
but this will eventually be configurable, à la `--filter wall:3x3'.
* Removed duplicate function checks from
* Added extra magic to Makefile.modules so that the module Makefiles
are now ridiculously simple. And I mean *simple*. Check it! This will
make a possible switch to full autoconf/automake a lot easier.
* Added the vlc version name to the plugin symbols, to be sure we only load
plugins with the same version number. A nasty consequence is that you
need to rebuild your tree after midnight if you are using a CVS tree :-)
* Got rid of modules_export.h by #defining exported functions in the same
header as their prototype.
* Added modules_inner.h and other commonly used .h files to common.h so
there are less and less files to include, and renamed common.h to
* First modifications to the module handling system towards my ultimate
goal to get rid of the *_Probe functions. Got rid of TestMethod and
TestCPU, as well as src/misc/tests.c.
* Wrote the chroma plugin handling functions. No YUV functions have been
ported yet because it'ls a lot of work, but the core system works, I
tried it with a naive yv12->rgb16 plugin (which will disappear when the
real functions are ready).
* Made a lot of functions in dvd_summary.c one-liners to avoid wasting
too many output lines.
* Fixed a segfault in input_dvd.c:DVDInit.
* Added a script in plugins/gtk to be run after Glade has
generated its C files.
* Did some work on the KDE interface to make it suck a bit less. It still
segfaults, but at least it runs and it looks less ugly.
* RGB SDL rendering works again, though in 16bpp only.
* Made plugins/vcd/linux_cdrom_tools.c independent of any vlc structure
so that it'll be easily put in a library. Maybe libdvdcss?
* Fixed VCD date display.
* Merged vout_xvideo.c, vout_x11.c and vout_common.c into xcommon.c.
* Wrote non-Shm XVideo output.
* Made X11 output work again. Still pretty unstable, only works for 16bpp.
* Additional french translation in po/fr.po. Any taker for the rest?
* Fixed a segfault in video_output.c when the allocated pictures were
not direct buffers.
* Replaced 48x48 .xpm images with 32x32 ones to conform to Debian policy
(Closes Debian bug #126939).
* Removed the automatic ./configure launch when running `make all' for
the first time.
* --filter distort:ripple (Ok, ok, I promise it's the last one !! :-)
* Fixed compilation with dvdcss disabled.
* Fixed compilation with plugins disabled.
* Removed useless variables in the VCD and DVD plugins.
* Fixed a function which was returning "struct foo" in the VCD plugin.
* Fixed the old « XVideo eats more and more CPU » bug I mistakenly
reintroduced in my first vout4 commit.
* We now stop at the first ':' when looking for a module name, to easily
pass information to the modules. Possible example: --vout sdl:software,
implementation of such an option is left as an exercise.
* Merged filter_bob and filter_bob422 into filter_bob. Use --filter bob
to deinterlace 422 into 420 as well.
* Factorized code common to most filters and the video output, optimized
* ./po/ja.po: added Japanese translation from Fumio Nakayama
* ./plugins/gtk/gtk_callbacks.c: fixed disc ejection code.
* ./include/threads.h: new pthread implementation for WinNT/2K/XP. This
implementation shouldn't be subject to race conditions as it is using
SignalObjectAndWait() from the Win32 API. As this should be somehow slower
than the old method (still used on Win9x), you can specify that you want
to use the old method with the "fast_pthread" config option.
* ./include/videolan/vlc.h: added a new p_main_sys global variable. This
variable is a pointer to an OS specific structure which is defined in
*_specific.h. This structure can be filled by the already existing
System_Init() function and is a nice way to avoid too many #ifdefs.
* ./include/ got rid of the DVD_DEVICE macro. We now use the
dvd_device config option. This creates a small memory leak as we don't free
the string obtained from config_GetPszVariable, but I think we can live
with it for now.
* ./ the SSE plugins are disabled on the mingw32 build as they
don't work (because memalign is not implemented on win32, and malloc only
aligns on an 8 bytes boundary).
* ./INSTALL.win32: fixed a small mistake.
* ./include/config.h: fixed config directory name for windows.
* ./plugins/win32: the network dialog now respects the preferences settings.
* ./src/input/input_ext-plugins.c: compilation fix. :-ppppp
* ./plugins/memcpy/fastmemcpy.h: AltiVec-enabled version of fastmemcpy.
* ./plugins/macosx/vout_macosx.c: use ImageBuffer instead of ScreenBuffer in
OS X video output (should be faster).
* ./src/interface/main.c: check that channels have been created before
the call to network_ChannelJoin.
* ./plugins/win32/*: fixed a few bugs in the preferences.
* ./plugins/win32/*: better auto-resizing of the main window.
* ./plugins/win32/*: the disc dialog now respects the preferences settings.
* ./src/misc/configuration.c: small compilation fix.
* ./plugins/beos/vout_beos.cpp: added a test for the nooverlay option.
* ./include/config.h: changed directory of the config file for BeOS to be
consistant with OS standard.
* ./ BeOS, liba52 and chroma plugin compilation fixes.
* ./plugins/dvd/dvd_access.c: removed a warning.
* ./src/misc/configuration.c: Solaris fixes by Meuuh.
* ./FAQ: removed outdated stuff.
* ./plugins/directx/vout_events.c: fixed yet another bug related to the event
thread creation.
* ./plugins/directx/vout_events.c: removed a few debug messages.
* ./extras/Win32_msvc/*: Microsoft Visual Studio C++ 6 project files. This
is useful mainly for debugging as the hardware accelerated plugins can't
be compiled with msvc.
* ./plugins/downmix/ac3_downmix_sse.c, ./plugins/downmix/ac3_downmix_3dn.c:
Win32 compilation fixes when downmixsse and downmix3dn are declared as
* ./plugins/directx/vout_events.c: fixed the waiting on the event thread
creation in the directx plugin.
* ./Makefile: updated the "package-win32" rule.
* ./install-win32: all txt files are now converted to dos format (CRLF).
* ./doc/win32/Cross-Compile-Howto.txt: VLC-Win32 Cross-Compile Howto,
courtesy of Bill Eldridge.
* ./plugins/beos/vout_beos.cpp: improved overlay detection, default colour
space selection.
* ./plugins/gtk/gtk_preferences.c: allow the user to resize the configuration
* ./plugins/gtk/gtk_preferences.c: moved config_GetIntVariable out of the
* ./plugins/gtk/gtk_preferences.c: you can now set a maximum height for the
configuration windows in the gtk and gnome plugins. This patch _doesn't
change_ the look of the interface unless this interface tries to use more
space than allowed, in which case scrollbars are added to make the
navigation easy. Note that this setting only affects the default size the
interface will use, the user is then free to change the size of the window
as he wants.
* ./plugins/gtk/gtk_preferences.c: tooltips are now triggered only in
specific places. This is a lot less intrusive and annoying for the users.
* ./plugins/win32: fixed the bug on exiting the vout pressing 'q'.
* ./plugins/beos/*: implemented an "always-on-top" feature for the interface
window, RGB16 Overlay supported again, resizing is now implemented
* ./plugins/win32: subtitles should work, now.
* ./plugins/access/udp.c: disabled the server argument in udpstream: because
it confuses users and is not of any practical use.
* ./src/interface/main.c: fix for sparc.
* ./plugins/dvd/dvd_access.c: don't try to stat() the dvd drive letter on
* ./plugins/directx/vout_directx.c: disabled YUV overlay double buffering for
now, as it seems to actually be slower.
* ./include/threads.h: temporary fix in vlc_cond_signal() for win32 (I really
should use SignalObjectAndWait() on WinNT so we can avoid race conditions
in the pthread code). This fixes a problem noticed on WinXP where vlc would
freeze regularly and eat-up all the CPU (fun no?).
* ./src/input/input_programs.c: when unselecting an ES, we must ged rid of
p_es->p_pes so that it is regererated when we select this ES again. It made
vlc segfault when switching from some stream to another, or when switching
program in satellite input.
* ./plugins/access/udp.c: UDP access plug-in can now receive MPTS (Multiple
Program TS) and switch programs.
* ./plugins/macosx/*: audio and video output go to time-constrained
scheduling [OS X port].
* ./plugins/gtk/gtk_preferences.c: some dirty ifdefs for a nicer gnome
interface (gnome buttons, gnome dialogs).
* ./po/nl.po: translation of user interface messages to Netherlands.
* ./plugins/gtk/gnome.c, ./plugins/gtk/gtk.c: new options "gtk_hide_toltips"
or "gnome_hide_tooltips". Tooltips are enabled by default. This option is
only considered on module initialization.
* ./ GNU make detection.
* ./extras/MacOSX/Resources/English.lproj/MainMenu.nib/objects.nib: deleted
non-working fullscreen menu item [OS X].
* ./plugins/access/http.c, ./plugins/access/udp.c: udp and http no longer
modify p_input->psz_name.
* ALL: various little portability fixes.
* ./src/misc/configuration.c: changed the behaviour of the config file:
now all the config options are saved. <string> config options which have
no default value are also saved in the config file but as an empty string,
and config_LoadConfigFile will ignore empty config options, which also
means we cannot pass an empty string as a <string> config option. (this
shouldn't matter anyway).
* ./plugins/gtk/gtk_preferences.c: modified the gtk interface to save an
empty <string> option as a NULL pointer.
* ./src/misc/configuration.c: modified config_LoadConfigFile to consider an
empty <string> option as a NULL pointer.
* ./plugins/gtk/gtk_preferences.c: save button (inadvertently suppressed).
* ./plugins/win32: added toolbar icons (thanks xav), we can no longer edit
plugin names in the preferences :)
* ./plugins/win32: the tool button for playlist is now a toggle button.
* ./plugins/beos/InterfaceWindow.cpp: disabled controls if the playlist was
* ./plugins/win32/*: added a win32 interface plugin, developed with Borland
C++ Builder. To build the plugin, follow the instructions in
* ./plugins/gtk/gtk_preferences.c: fixed an ugly structure, the tabs are not
verticaly expanded as they were, small enhancements.
* ./plugins/gtk/gnome.c, ./plugins/gtk/gtk.c, ./plugins/gtk/gtk_common.h: new
Tooltips structure.
* ./plugins/gtk/gtk_preferences.c: modifications of some widgets, the
structure, cosmetic changes.
* ./src/interface/main.c: typos, a couple of new descriptions.
* ./src/interface/main.c: moved the "display" option from main to the
relevant plugins. ( We now have the x11_display, xvideo_display,
xmga_display and ggi_display options ).
* ./INSTALL-win32.txt: fixed a little omission.
* ./src/plugins/gtk/*: fixed a bug that made vlc segfault when choosing a
program, change to another and come back to the first one.
* ./src/plugins/gtk/*: added gtk and gnome interfaces for satellite input. We
should find a way to hide the button if satellite support is not compiled.
* ./plugins/beos/vout_beos.cpp: implemented correct scaling and used new
window size variables. Beta always on top for the interface window. New
cursor handling.
* ./plugins/macosx/aout_macosx.c: fixed a problem in the MacOS X aout which
caused the previously played audio frames to be played when there were no
new frames available.
* ./plugins/macosx/vout_macosx.c: MacOS X vout now uses the height/width
calculated in video_output.c.
* ./ Win32 fix.
* ./ miscellaneous fixes for the OS X port.
* ./src/video_output/video_output.c: the calculation for the initial video
window dimensions is now done in video_output.c and made available into
p_vout->i_window_height/width. This allows to get rid of duplicated code
and unify the behaviour of the video output plugins. (not all the plugins
have been modified because I didn't want to break anything).
* ./src/misc/configuration.c: moved GetConfigurationFromCmdLine() into
configuration.c and renamed it to config_LoadCmdLine().
* ./src/misc/configuration.c: config_GetHomeDir doesn't use getpwuid_r
anymore as this was creating some problems on solaris. This function now
uses getpwuid and is called only once to store the home directory into the
p_main structure.
* ./plugins/satellite/*: added satellite input. It works with WinTV Nova
card, and siemens 0.9.4 drivers from
* ./src/interface/intf_msg.c: fixed stupid bug in stupid
ConvertPrintfFormatString() function.
* ./plugins/win32/waveout.c: fixed the "waveout not closing" bug. We need to
reset the waveout device before closing it.
* ./src/input/mpeg_system.c: fixed a bus error on UltraSparc.
* ./plugins/sdl/vout_sdl.c: Win32 and Solaris compilation fix.
* ./plugins/beos/vout_beos.cpp: improved scaling, correct aspect ratio even
in full screen mode, duplicate code reduces and framework for Overlay and
OpenGL modes in place.
* ./src/misc/modules_plugin.h: kludge to allow the ALSA module to be
compiled as a plugin. Please test.
* ./include/modules.h: fixed a C++ warning.
* ./plugins/vcd/input_vcd.c: VCD raw device fix, courtesy of Steven Schultz.
* ./ better IPv6 detection. IPv6 is disabled under MacOS X (no
inet_pton call).
* ./src/input/input_programs.c: fixed some bugs in program management:
selected ESs must be attached to the selected program.
* ./plugins/aa: aalib output plugin courtesy of Sigmund Augdal.
* ./ fixed a few bashisms.
* ./src/misc/configuration.c: fixed build under Solaris.
* ./TODO: updated todo list.
* ./plugins/dvd/dvd_access.c: fixed a memory leak.
* ./plugins/mpeg_vdec/vpar_pool.c: fixed a memory leak.
* plugins/win32/waveout.c: fixed typo.
* ./ BeOS compilation fixes.
* ./debian/rules: activated (broken) KDE interface.
* ./plugins/access/http.c: fixed a segfault.
* ./plugins/alsa/aout_alsa.c: fixed a segfault.
* ./include/common.h: fixed the compilation fix for Borland C++ :)
* ./include/common.h: compilation fix for Borland C++.
* ./plugins/macosx/aout_macosx.c: MacOS X aout now uses AudioConverter for
* ./plugins/macosx/*:Various MacOS X intf improvements and bug fixes.
* ./plugins/chroma/i420_rgb8.c: fixed a warning.
* ./plugins/filter/deinterlace.c: fixed chroma deinterlacing.
* ./plugins/kde/kde.cpp: the KDE interface compiles again.
* ./plugins/mpeg_system/mpeg_es.c: fixed a segfault I introduced today.
* ./plugins/network/ipv4.c: cosmetic fix.
* ./src/interface/main.c: fixed a typo in the --help output.
* ./src/misc/netutils.c: fixed a segfault in the vlcs communication; still
unstable but solving other bugs won't do any good without rewriting the
whole playlist code. Which I'm doing right now.
* ./ MacOS X compile fixes.
* ./src/input/input.c: skip "//" if we find "://" in a resource we have to
play : this allows us touse the syntax udpstream://host.
* ./extras/MacOSX_dvdioctl: removed outdated files.
* ./plugins/fx/scope.c: fixed an infinite loop error.
* ./plugins: fixed segfaults in various demux plugins.
* ./plugins/sdl/vout_sdl.c: SDL_VIDEODRIVER can be specified from the
command line; try "--vout sdl:aalib"
* ./ fixed linking of the ipv4 plugin.
* ./ DirectX plugin is now correctly detected and configured.
* ./BUGS: updated bug list.
* ./ ./configure --help should be a lot clearer now.
* ./plugins/chroma/i420_rgb8.c: plain C 8 bpp transformation.
* ./plugins/chroma/i420_rgb16.c: plain C 24/32 bpp transformations.
* ./plugins/ggi/ggi.c: support for 8 bpp displays.
* ./plugins/sdl/vout_sdl.c: support for 8 bpp displays.
* ./plugins/x11/xcommon.c: support for 8 bpp displays.
* ./src/video_output/video_output.c: fixed a segfault.
* ./plugins/x11/xcommon.c: added an alternate fullscreen method. With this
method, _nothing_ is allowed to be displayed on top of the video
(especially not taskbars, etc...). Of course this can also be annoying
sometimes, this is why it's an option.
* ./src/misc/configuration.c: small fix for the config file. The parser
assumes that the config file is divided into sections (a section is the
config data for a plugin and begins with something like [foo]), so the
comment for the beginning of the section must be after the section marker
and not before.
* ./plugins/beos/vout_beos.cpp: tidied code and prevented curruption on
window not containing the video. Video window now returns to correct size
and position after toggling full screen.
* ./ more modules are plugins.
* ./src/misc/configuration.c: changed ~/.VideoLan/vlc to ~/.videolan/vlcrc,
and a few cosmetic changes (sorry Gildas for the butchery).
* ./plugins/chroma/i420_rgb16.c: C version of the I420 to RV15/16 chroma.
* ./src/misc/configuration.c: this the last piece of the new configuration
module. You can now save your configuration options (only from the
gtk/gnome interface for now). The config file will be saved as
* ./plugins/spudec/spu_decoder.c: we now analyze the subtitle image
data to find the border color and the inner colors when there was
no way to find the palette data (network stream).
* ./plugins/mpeg_system: fixed a parsing bug I introduced yesterday.
* ./Makefile: fixed OS X compilation dependencies.
* ./ fixed the endianness check under Solaris.
* ./src/input/input.c: strings are now initialized to "" instead of NULL.
* ./plugins/spudec/spu_decoder.c: we now properly support the subtitle
palette information we get from the DVD. Subtitles rox !
* ./src/video_output/vout_subpictures.c: removed all DVD-specific routines
and put them into spu_decoder.c.
* ./plugins/audio_output/aout_spdif.c: removed an ugly loop.
* ./plugins/audio_output/aout_spdif.c: moved iec958/spdif encapsulation from
ac3_spdif to aout_spdif. It will eventually allows to use ac3_adec or a52
for spdif output.
* ./plugins/dvd/dvd_access.c: fixed chapter selection at startup.
* ./src/input/input_dec.c: p_es->p_demux_data is available in
p_config->p_demux_data so that the input can pass information directly to
the decoder. First application: aspect ratio for DVD is read from the ifo
(should fix the buf with aspect ratio in anamorphic DVDs).
* ./plugins/dvd/dvd_es.c: the DVD plugin also copies the spu yuv palette in
p_demux_data so that the spudec can display subtitle with the right color
(sam !).
* ./plugins/gtk/gtk_menu.c: removed duplicate code and useless lock in gtk.
* ./plugins/vcd/input_vcd.c: fixed EOF and Stop segfault in VCD input:
input_BuffersEnd was being called twice.
* ./AUTHORS: updated Tony Castley's e-mail.
* ./plugins/beos/vout_beos.cpp: new resizing and scaling code. More in line
with BeOS standards.
* ./plugins/a52/a52.c: a52 plugin updated to use liba52-0.7.3 (which is now
available in debian :)
* ./src/interface/main.c: new configuration option to choose audio output
format at runtime. It allows to select spdif pass-through decoder with
--ac3_adec and to remove the ugly b_ac3 in main.h. As a consequence --spdif
doesn't work anymore: you should use --ac3_adec pass.
* ./src/interface/main.c: return the option name in error message for
unknown option intead of the argument.
* ./plugins/gtk/gtk_preferences.c: gtk config interface modified so you can
only have one instance of a plugin config dialog box displayed at one time.
* ./plugins/gtk/gtk_preferences.c: new GTK configuration interface. This
interface is generated dynamically at run-time from the configuration data
contained in each plugin.
* ./src/misc/configuration.c: config_PutPszVariable and config_GetPszVariable
are now thread safe.
* ./src/misc/configuration.c: few modifications/optimizations to the config
* ./include/config.h: got rid of all the _VAR macros in config.h.
* ./plugins/vcd/input_vcd.c: added missing include (MacOS X port).
* ./plugins/dvd/*: fixed EOF segfault at end of DVD.
* ./src/input/input.c: buffer manager is renintialised at area change.
* ./plugins/dvd/dvd_access.c, ./plugins/vcd/input_vcd.c: we now exit more
cleanly on initialization error.
* ./plugins/dvd/*: rewrote most functions in DVD plugin. Some old bugs might
have been solved in the operation. The plugin some be more readable now,
and should produce fewaer segfaults (I hope so :p)
* ./plugins/vcd/input_vcd.c: added some tests in open.
* ./plugins/alsa/aout_alsa.c: spdif support in the ALSA plugin.
* ./plugins/vcd/input_vcd.c: when reaching the end of a track, moves to the
following one.
* ./src/interface/main.c: disabled the GNOME segfault dialog in debug
mode. We want nice, clean segfaults, with huge core files and a lot
of rattle noise.
* ./plugins/dvd/dvd.c: I hope you liked this bug: DVD demux was always used.
* ./plugins/dvd/dvd_demux.c: fixed demux plugin selection.
* ./plugins/vcd/input_vcd.c: take the lock on stream in VCDInit. Please
test, as I don't have any VCD to do it.
* ./plugins/ac3_adec/ac3_parse.c: ac3dec is now less verbose.
* ./src/interface/interface.c: fixed a deadlock when seeking the
stream using the keyboard arrows.
* ./plugins/gtk/gtk_display.c: removed an occurance of former angle item in
* ./plugins/dvd/input_dvd.c, ./plugins/dvdread/input_dvdread.c: fixed a bug
in ES management introduced lately in DVD/DvdRead.
* ./plugins/dvd/*: beginning of reorganisation in DVD plugin source files,
in order to try to make it easier to understand. There is some work left
though :p.
* ./plugins/vcd/vcd.c: decreased the score for VCD plugin, as the VCD demuxer
was used even for DVD :p. It should make autodetection work.
* ./plugins/vcd/input_vcd.c: modified vcd input for the new input III. Still
have problems with end of tracks.
* ./plugins/vcd/vcd.c: modified the command line, as stef did for the DVD.
* ./plugins/dvd/input_dvd.c: DVD demux was no longer selected under win32.
* ./plugins/dvd/dvd_summary.c, ./plugins/dvdread/input_dvdread.c: DVD angle
is now handled through a program structure, so that the interface needs
nothing specific to change angle.
* ./src/input/input_clock.c: fixed a bug in clock management where ES without
a program couldn't get timestamped.
* ./plugins/gtk/*: fixed program management in gnome/gtk. Program now also
appears in popup.
* ./plugins/gtk/gtk_menu.c: in interface, only display ES associated with
the selected program, or with no program at all.
* ./src/input/input.c: fixed typo in the win32 change to the input parser.
* ./plugins/dvd/input_dvd.c, ./plugins/dvdread/input_dvdread.c: more complete
command line parsing for DVD, hopefully working this time.
* ./plugins/network/ipv6.c: IPv6 network module, courtesy of Alexis Guillard
<>, for BT.
* ./src/interface/main.c: --6 and --4 options to force IPv6 or IPv4 (FIXME:
it should be -6 and -4 but I don't know how to do it with the new
configuration module).
* ./src/misc/netutils.c: channel manager now uses a socket from the network
plug-in and is more portable (and probably broken, too :)
* ./plugins/mpeg_system/mpeg_ps.c, ./plugins/mpeg_system/mpeg_ts.c:
input_ReadPS and input_ReadTS are now in mpeg_system.c to be more easily
reused by plug-ins other than mpeg_ps and mpeg_ts.
* ./src/audio_output/audio_output.c: we now make sure the aout plugin buffers
always contain between AOUT_BUFFER_DURATION/2 and AOUT_BUFFER_DURATION*3/2
worth of audio. This should solve the audio buffer underruns.
* ./src/input/input.c: fix for the bug in input when filename contains a '@'
* ./src/input/input.c: simplified the win32 specific changes to the input
parser. (I think we can safely assume that no access plugin name will have
a length of one character).
* ./plugins/dvd/dvd.c: DVD access plugin is only called if specified under
windows (no automatic detection).
* ./plugins/dvd/input_dvd.c: replaced setenv with putenv.
* ./plugins/gtk/gtk_open.c: fixed a bug in gtk.
* ./plugins/dvd/input_dvd.c: new command line for DVD, to get rid of global
options input_title or so.
* ./Makefile: added network to the list of the plugins directories.
* ./plugins/dvd/input_dvd.c: fixed DVD input under Win32.
* ./src/input/input.c: fixed input parser under win32, chich couldn't
understand that c:\windows\bureau is a valid file and doesn't need to be
accessed with the plugin 'C' :-)
* ./AUTHORS: added xav.
* ./include/videolan/vlc.h: got rid of int_types.h and did a few changes
Ipkiss will need. Hope I did not break other platforms.
* ./include/common.h: fixed compilation problem related to ssize_t.
* ./include/common.h: various Win32 compilation fixes.
* ./include/input_ext-plugins.h: DVD compiles, but doesn't work yet.
* ./plugins/network/ipv4.c: fixed some typos in my previous Win32 multicast
* ./plugins/dummy/input_dummy.c: fixed `vlc vlc:quit'.
* ./src/input/input.c: initialized uninitialized variables.
* ./src/input/input.c: initialize p_access_module & p_demux_modules to NULL
when input thread is created.
* ./po/no.po: Norwegian translation by Sigmund Augdal. Berdå ka pø tüt.
* ./src/misc/modules.c: shortcuts for --intf work again, gvlc launches the
Gtk interface, qvlc launches the Qt interface, etc.
* ./plugins/fx/scope.c: we now have sound together with --aout scope.
* ./plugins/dvd/dvd.c, ./plugins/dvdread/dvdread.c: removed numerous
* ./plugins/network/ipv4.c: multicast under Win32 now works with the new
* ./plugins/dvd/dvd.c, ./plugins/dvdread/dvdread.c: dvd and dvdread support
for input III.
* ./src/input/*, ./plugins/network/*, ./plugins/access/*: Input III
(Episode 1). Major rewrite of the buffer core functions, modularity of
access plugins (file, udp, http), modularity of network stack (ipv4, soon
ipv6), autodetection of the type of stream.
* ./plugins/mpeg_vdec/vpar_headers.c: we no longer crash when the next
stream doesn't have the same image size as the previous one.
* ./src/audio_output/aout_pcm.c: another overrun fix; please test.
* ./ fixed a plugins/ compilation issue under OpenBSD.
* ./plugins/dsp/aout_dsp.c: OpenBSD compilation fix.
* ./src/video_output/video_output.c: fixed a segfault on exit.
* ./src/input/input.c: BeOS network support (no idea if it works when you
don't have BONE, though).
* ./include/common.h: BeOS compile fixes.
* ./plugins/beos/vout_beos.cpp: fixed BeOS video output.
* ./src/misc/configuration.c: fixed uninitialized variable in
* ./src/audio_output/audio_output.c: char pointers obtained by
config_GetPszVariable need to be freed.
* ./src/interface/main.c: forgot to add the declaration of server_port.
* ./src/input/input.c: multicast now works under Win32, but this is a _bad_
* ./include/threads.h: support for the State Threads Library, a userland
threads library ( Useless to most
people, but can be handy to debug stuff. Activate with `--enable-st'.
* ./plugins/ac3_spdif/ac3_spdif.c, ./plugins/dvdread/dvdread.c,
./plugins/dvd/dvd.c: adaptation to new configuration scheme for dvd,
dvdread and spdif.
* ./plugins/lirc/lirc.c: removed CVS garbage.
* ./plugins/gtk/gtk_menu.c: fixed a compile issue on IA64.
* ./plugins/fx/scope.c: new toy plugin, an audio scope module.
* ./src/audio_output/aout_spdif.h: replacement header for aout_common.h.
* ./src/audio_output/audio_output.c: fixed a quite old bug in the audio
output which made the sound stutter when wrapping around the audio output
* ./src/audio_output/audio_output.c: lots of simplifications in the audio
output, got rid of b_stereo.
* ./plugins/gtk/*: added a menu in the GTK and gnome interfaces to change
the current program in multi-program streams (such as ones provided by a
DVB-S card).
* ./src/misc/configuration.c: new configuration architecture for vlc.
* ./src/interface/intf_msg.c: fixed array over-run bug in intf_MsgUnsub.
* ./ don't try to grok altivec with mingw32.
* ./ --with-directx-path should now indicate the path where the
actual headers are (before the headers had to be in an include subdir). By
the way you can download these header files from the videolan web site.
* ./src/misc/modules_plugin.h: if symbol foo isn't found in the
plugin, we always try to open _foo, whatever the architecture.
* ./plugins/lirc/lirc.c: non-blocking patch from Sigmund Augdal
<>; hope this time my enhancements don't break
everything :-)
* ./ gtk*-config detection fix for FreeBSD.
* ./ removed a bashism.
* ./plugins/x11/xcommon.c: support for systems without shm.h.
* ALL: QNX compilation fixes here and there; the qnx plugin still doesn't
* ./Makefile: the win32 port now uses a more recent version of gtk+.
* ./plugins/gtk/gtk.c: the log window is now black with colourful text.
* ./plugins/gtk/gnome.c: ported the log window to the GNOME interface.
* ./src/interface/intf_msg.c: messages are sent to the queue even if
-vvvv* wasn't specified.
* ./plugins/vcd/cdrom_tools.c: MacOS X VCD support.
* ./plugins/lirc/lirc.: various fixes, thanks to Sigmund Augdal.
* ./plugins/text/logger.c: rewrote an ugly loop.
* ./plugins/gtk/gtk.c: added a Gtk+ window containing all the log
messages; updated in real time. To open it, go to "view"->"messages".
* ./src/interface/intf_msg.c: got rid of TRACE and intf_DbgMsg which were
seldom used anyway.
* ./src/interface/intf_msg.c: all intf_*Msg functions now write to stderr.
* ./src/interface/intf_msg.c: implemented a message queue interface plugins
can subscribe to.
* ./plugins/text/logger.c: wrote the logger interface plugin. Usage:
vlc -I logger:filename.log.
* ./src/video_output/vout_subpictures.c: lots of fixes in the SPU renderer.
* ./src/video_output/video_output.c: fixed a typo in aspect ratio
* ./plugins/macosx/vout_macosx.c: MacOS X vout improvements.
* ./plugins/macosx/intf_macosx.c: MacOS X intf now returns, allowing vlc to
terminate properly.
* ./Makefile: added a new make target: package-macosx.
* ./plugins/gtk/gtk_playlist.c: Win32 compilation fixes (mingw includes
* ./ configure now checks for ddraw.h and not directx.h.
* ./plugins/directx/vout_directx.c: don't include directx.h anymore (this
file isn't part of the directx sdk).
* ./plugins/waveout/waveout.c: moved all the stuff from aout_waveout.c
directly into waveout.c (I don't know what I was thinking about when I
created these two files ;-)
* ./plugins/waveout/waveout.c: until we fix the audio buffer underrun
problem, waveout will be the default audio output on win32 (instead of
* ALL: got rid of *_Probe functions because most of them were duplicates
of the real _Init or _Create functions. That's 1000 lines of code gained.
* ./src/misc/modules.c: we try not to keep the global lock in module_Need,
which should speed up output spawning.
* ./plugins/dummy/input_dummy.c: fixed vlc:quit command.
* ./plugins/gtk/gtk_playlist.c: compilation fix.
* ./plugins/macosx/*: preliminary fixes for the vout4 port.
* ./plugins/gtk/*: Win32 fixes.
* ./plugins/beos/*: BeOS fixes from Rudolf Cornelissen.
* ./src/interface/main.c: --desync now really accepts a value in ms.
* ./plugins/vcd/input_vcd.c: fixed a crash when not opening a VCD.
* ./src/video_output/vout_subpictures.c: fixed subtitles under BeOS and
other architectures which don't support overlay.
* ./plugins/a52/a52.c: compilation fix (include stdint.h).
* ./plugins/a52/a52.c: fixed a SEGV.
* ./plugins/beos/vout_beos.cpp: ported the BeOS RGB video output to
vout4. The overlay video output still needs to be written though.
* ./plugins/a52/*: just renamed the liba52_adec plugin into a52 to comply
with the naming convention used by the other plugins.
* ./plugins/lirc/lirc.c: IR remote control plugin by Sigmund Augdal
<>, activate with --enable-lirc.
* ./ put liba52_adec in a builtin for PIC/non-PIC reasons.
* ./plugins/liba52_adec/*: new AC3 decoder plugin using liba52 from Aaron
Holtzman and Michel Lespinasse. This plugin isn't used by default, you
have to specify: --ac3_adec liba52.
* ./src/misc/modules.c: changed module_Need to make it possible to
have several modules with the same shortcut name.
* ./plugins/gtk/gtk_open.c: fixed a bug in the network dialog.
* ./src/misc/modules_plugin.h: added mstrtime() to module_symbols_t so we
can compile the mpeg_vdec plugin with TRACE mode enabled.
* ./plugins/ac3_spdif/ac3_spdif.c: fixed ac3_spdif which has been broken
* ./plugins/ac3_adec/ac3_adec.c: check frequency in ac3_adec and change fifo
if needed.
* ./src/audio_output/audio_output.c: moved initialisation of p_aout from
plugins to audio_output.c; if audio output rate is specified at launch
time, we try to use it by default.
* ./plugins/chroma/i420_rgb16.c: MMX YUV to RGB transformation for 15bpp.
* ./plugins/directx/vout_directx.c: added double-buffering for the directx
plugin in overlay mode.
* ./plugins/directx/vout_directx.c: several directx bug-fixes: implemented
the right behaviour on exit, fixed bug preventing the creation of several
windows (the wall filter is working now :-)), fixed unnecessary background
redraws (it made the video flicker), fixed bug where we were losing the
video display because of lost surfaces in video memory, when using hardware
overlay, the output window will now specify "(using hardware overlay)".
* ./plugins/x11/xcommon.c: we don't use DPMS functions if they are
not available.
* ./plugins/win32/waveout.c: added a new very simple audio plugin for
Win32. This plugin uses the waveOut API which is a lot easier to use for
streaming stuff than directsound. (you don't have to take care of
underflows anymore because it doesn't use circular buffers). If you are
having a lot of underflows, this plugin is currently better adapted than
the directx plugin.
* ./src/audio_output/audio_output.c: moved some initialization stuff in
audio_out.c so we can now the caracteristics of the audio stream before
calling aout_Open().
* ./, Makefile: configure and Makefile tweaking for dvdread
* ./src/misc/modules_plugin.h: fixed a missing function initialization
which made decoder plugins segfault in GetChunk calls.
* ./ proper soundcard.h check from Yves Duret.
* ./plugins/mpeg_adec/mpeg_adec.c: enabled --stereo option for streams that
pretend to be mono while they are not.
* ./plugins/ac3_adec/ac3_adec.c: fixed an alignment issue in the ac3 decoder.
* ./src/input/input_dec.c: decoders do not necessarily use bit stream (see
mad plug-in).
* ./plugins/mad/mad_adec.c: mad PTS should finally be accurate.
* ./ some configure changes.
* ./plugins/mad/mad_adec.c: libmad_input now takes one frame at a time (see
mad_adec.h for defines)
* ./plugins/mad/mad_libmad.c: audio_linear_dither() gives better sound
quality then s24_to_s16_pcm(), but also makes audio artefacts louder so
disabled it for now.
* ./plugins/mad/mad_libmad.c: cleaned up libmad_output.
* ./plugins/mad/mad_adec.c: cleaned up InitThread.
* ./plugins/mad/mad_adec.h: made buffer size match libmad's expectations.
* ./plugins/mad/DESIGN: updated documentation.
* ./plugins/directx/vout_events.c: fixed crashes on exit in the directx
* ./src/video_output/vout_pictures.c: vout_PlacePicture is now accepting
picture width=height=0.
* ./ added extra checks for strange compilers such as
Borland C++ which do not support all gcc options. Note that vlc does
not compile with bcc32 yet, but is getting closer and closer to.
* ./plugins/win32: skeleton for the win32 interface Ipkiss is developing.
* ./config.guess ./config.sub: latest GNU versions.
* ./ when possible, xvideo is compiled as a plugin.
* ./vlc.spec: fixed a few minor inaccuracies.
* ./debian/control: vlc-gui is no longer depended on, but rather recommended.
* ./src/interface/main.c: --spumargin flag; use this to force displaying
subtitles at the bottom of the screen instead of putting them in the
middle, for instance: `--spumargin 5'.
* ./plugins/qnx/qnx.c, ./plugins/macosx/macosx.c, ./plugins/beos/beos.cpp:
converted the plugin initialization code of the macosx, beos and qnx
code. (please note that they should still not compile as they need
to be adapted to the new Vout4 architecture)
* ./plugins/directx/vout_directx.c: major rewrite of the directx video
plugin to adapt it to the new vout4 architecture. This plugin has also
been through a major clean-up and it is now much more robust and optimized.
* ./plugins/gtk/gtk_playlist.c: fixed a few problems with the win32 build.
* ./src/interface/main.c: replaced the "overlay" command line option with
"nooverlay". The former was confusing and useless because overlays were
used by default anyway.
* ./vlc.spec: imported MandrakeSoft's new spec file.
* ./debian/control: fixed build-dependencies for vlc-mad.
* ./debian/rules: fixed the vlc-arts and vlc-mad package builds.
* ./plugins/gtk/{gtk|gnome}.c: the gnome/gtk interface should no longer user
p_input->stream before it has been initialized.
* ./src/input/input.c: stream lock is initialized in input_CreateThread
instead of initThread, to have it initialized when we call it in the
* ./src/audio_output/audio_output.c: added support for S8 and U16 aout.
* ./debian/control: fixed Debian build-depends.
* ./include/config.h: changed RELEASE to HAVE_RELEASE because RELEASE
is already defined in <scsi/scsi.h> under Linux.
* ./plugins/mad/mad_adec.c: fixed issues in the PTS handling of the mad
plug-in (incomplete).
* ./src/input/input_ext-dec.c: more precise way to retrieve a PTS from the
bit stream.
* ./INSTALL.libmad: configure, build and install instructions for libmad
library and mad plugin.
* ./plugins/mad/mad_adec.c: smooth sound (not tested on iPaq).
* ./src/audio_output/aout_common.c: le coup de grâce: all the code in audio
output is now factorized (except for ac3 spdif) in aout_common.c/.h.
* ./src/audio_output/aout_common.h: aout thread functions are declared with
a macro.
* ./src/audio_output/audio_output.c: HUGE cleanings in audio output: removed
AOUT_INTF_*_FIFO, which where not used.
* ./src/audio_output/aout_common.c: factored S16StereoPlay, U8MonoPlay, and
so on.., in a single function aout_FillBuffer (unsigned 8bit may be broken,
but I have no stream to test with :(
* ./ a few fixes for the Win32 build.
* ./src/video_output/video_output.c: fixed all the problems related to
* ./src/misc/modules.c: fixed a compile issue under platforms without
* ./src/interface/intf_eject.c: MacOS X port.
* ./plugins/chroma/i420_rgb16.c: 24/32 bpp software YUV.
* ./plugins/ggi/ggi.c: activated double buffering.
* ./src/video_output/vout_pictures.c: we create more Xv pictures to
get smoother rendering.
* ./plugins/mad/mad_libmad.c: removed aout_CreateFifo from mad_adec.c
InitThread() and added it to mad_libmad.c.
* ./src/interface/intf_eject.c: BSD compilation fix suggested by Steven M.
* ./src/audio_output/aout_s16.c: beginning of code factorization in
aout_s16 (more cleaning will come). As for libmad, I have tried to create
the aout fifo in libmad_output, to open it with the right sample rate, but
strangely it didn't work.
* ./src/input/input.c: fixed a few segfaults caused by the dummy plugin.
* ./plugins/mpeg_adec/mpeg_adec.c: fixed a segfault due to misuse of
* ./plugins/x11/xcommon.c: replaced XFlush with XSync. This must be the
fourth time someone has to commit this, so I added a reminder :-)
* ./plugins/mpeg_system/input_ts.c: hopefully fixed a bug in TS input, that
caused a segfault when there was no network stream.
* ./src/interface/intf_eject.c: BSD/OS port by Steven M. Schultz.
* ./include