Commit 94d79d31 authored by Rémi Denis-Courmont's avatar Rémi Denis-Courmont

Win32: do not override LC_ALL

This code might have had some effects on some other OS (BeOS?), but
it should not be required on Windows. Also good-mannered and
thread-safe libraries do not modify the environment.
parent 89e8034a
......@@ -821,13 +821,6 @@ static void SetLanguage ( const char *psz_lang )
* other platforms. --Meuuh */
setenv( "LANG", psz_lang, 1 );
/* We set LC_ALL manually because it is the only way to set
* the language at runtime under eg. Windows. Beware that this
* makes the environment unconsistent when libvlc is unloaded and
* should probably be moved to a safer place like vlc.c. */
setenv( "LC_ALL", psz_lang, 1 );
setlocale( LC_ALL, psz_lang );
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