Commit 87f2fe30 authored by Naohiro KORIYAMA's avatar Naohiro KORIYAMA Committed by François Cartegnie

contribs: add libaribb24

parent 97c02be6
6d0c8d78fe3db3fff7ff2af54677b2d8a663197c66e860ff01d0c6dd0aa45eeb5c2404a7a34cc6cec2dcb6fd72ba55e3a1be23225a8934ba74479e1f779a9692 aribb24-1.0.1.tar.bz2
# aribb24
ARIBB24_VERSION := 1.0.1
ARIBB24_URL :=$(ARIBB24_VERSION)/aribb24-$(ARIBB24_VERSION).tar.bz2
PKGS += aribb24
ifeq ($(call need_pkg,"aribb24"),)
PKGS_FOUND += aribb24
$(call download,$(ARIBB24_URL))
.sum-aribb24: aribb24-$(ARIBB24_VERSION).tar.bz2
aribb24: aribb24-$(ARIBB24_VERSION).tar.bz2 .sum-aribb24
DEPS_aribb24 = png
.aribb24: aribb24
cd $< && $(HOSTVARS) ./configure $(HOSTCONF)
cd $< && $(MAKE) && $(MAKE) install
touch $@
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