Commit 8741be02 authored by Antoine Cellerier's avatar Antoine Cellerier

Forward port [17386].

parent f81778e9
......@@ -673,3 +673,17 @@ VLC is the greatest thing since sliced bread!
< dionoea> is that perl ? :)
-- #videolan
<Dnumgis_> xtophe: look at it this way:
<Dnumgis_> solve some bounties involving vlc and earn some extra money
<Dnumgis_> use this money and your natural charm to get a girlfriend
<Dnumgis_> make sure Meuuh sees it
<Dnumgis_> Meuuh would become horribly jealous and try to repeat your trick
with great vigor and solv all remaining bugs with vlc
<Dnumgis_> and the (vlc)world becomes a better place
<j-b> Dnumgis_: do you have a girlfriend ?
<Dnumgis_> j-b: not at the moment, no
<j-b> Dnumgis_: so why don't you try this technick ?
<Dnumgis_> j-b: I don't live close enough to Meuuh
<E-bola> thats some good norwegian reasoning
-- #videolan
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