Commit 7b67031a authored by Antoine Cellerier's avatar Antoine Cellerier


parent de8a9544
......@@ -861,3 +861,17 @@ VLC development is NOT about being a sed god.
<thresh> yeah, it needs up to four black men to kill vlc for me
-- #videolan
< sam> 16:52 <&timecop> sam: can that homosexual volume slider please go away in next vlc
< sam> 16:52 <&timecop> this is a fucking joke
< sam> 16:52 <&timecop> who made that UI
< sam> because I know you like positive feedback
< ivoire> mouarf
< ivoire> -positiv +constructiv feedback
< ivoire> sam: you can configure the color sheme of the volume slider
< ivoire> if you xant pink slide bar you can
< ivoire> -x+w
< sam> I see homosexuality as positive
< sam> look at what it did to Apple sales
< thedj> LMAO
-- #videolan
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