Commit 6f7c2337 authored by Konstantin Pavlov's avatar Konstantin Pavlov

contribs: placebo: be compatible with non-GNU sed

parent e817a73a
......@@ -30,5 +30,5 @@ libplacebo: $(PLACEBO_ARCHIVE) .sum-libplacebo
cd $< && cd build && ninja install
# Work-around messon issue
sed -i $(PREFIX)/lib/pkgconfig/libplacebo.pc -e 's/Libs: \(.*\) -L$${libdir} -lplacebo/Libs: -L$${libdir} -lplacebo \1/g'
sed -i.orig $(PREFIX)/lib/pkgconfig/libplacebo.pc -e 's/Libs: \(.*\) -L$${libdir} -lplacebo/Libs: -L$${libdir} -lplacebo \1/g'
touch $@
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