Commit 6021599d authored by David Fuhrmann's avatar David Fuhrmann

macosx: Try to fix volume buttons with apple remote on 10.13

macOS High Sierra remapped the volume up / down buttons on the
apple remote. This patch tries to fix that by adding the new

refs #18894
parent f4b05693
......@@ -89,6 +89,11 @@ const NSTimeInterval HOLD_RECOGNITION_TIME_INTERVAL=0.4;
[mutableCookieToButtonMapping setObject:[NSNumber numberWithInt:k2009RemoteButtonFullscreen] forKey:@"33_21_20_3_2_33_21_20_3_2_"];
[mutableCookieToButtonMapping setObject:[NSNumber numberWithInt:kRemoteControl_Switched] forKey:@"42_33_23_21_20_2_33_23_21_20_2_"];
[mutableCookieToButtonMapping setObject:[NSNumber numberWithInt:kRemoteButtonVolume_Plus] forKey:@"33_21_20_15_12_2_"];
[mutableCookieToButtonMapping setObject:[NSNumber numberWithInt:kRemoteButtonVolume_Minus] forKey:@"33_21_20_16_12_2_"];
_cookieToButtonMapping = [[NSDictionary alloc] initWithDictionary: mutableCookieToButtonMapping];
/* defaults */
......@@ -32,6 +32,8 @@
#define OSX_YOSEMITE_AND_HIGHER (NSAppKitVersionNumber >= 1334)
#define OSX_EL_CAPITAN_AND_HIGHER (NSAppKitVersionNumber >= 1404)
#define OSX_SIERRA_AND_HIGHER (NSAppKitVersionNumber >= 1485)
#define OSX_HIGH_SIERRA_AND_HIGHER (NSAppKitVersionNumber >= 1560)
// Sierra only APIs
#ifndef MAC_OS_X_VERSION_10_12
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