Commit 4b4b52b4 authored by Antoine Cellerier's avatar Antoine Cellerier

Fortune! Who would've though that thresh would fall for it.

parent 587bfa58
......@@ -764,3 +764,9 @@ Meuuh changed the topic of #videolan to: Welcome! | <funman> i don't remember la
< pdherbemont> :p j'aimerai bien tre un peu plus polard parfois *sigh*
-- #videolan
< DiDjCodt> dionoea: /leave xxx ?
< dionoea> nah. Btw, i have a localised irssi. Using /qui j-b works the same was as /who j-b
< dionoea> really awesome
-!- thresh [n=popa3d@unaffiliated/thresh] has quit ["j-b"]
-- #videolan
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