Commit 3a28c6ab authored by Felix Paul Kühne's avatar Felix Paul Kühne

macosx: add tooltips to the audio effects panel based on the strings available from the filters

parent 81e955c7
......@@ -105,7 +105,10 @@
/* Equalizer */
[_equalizerEnableCheckbox setTitle:_NS("Enable")];
[_equalizerTwoPassCheckbox setTitle:_NS("2 Pass")];
[_equalizerTwoPassCheckbox setToolTip:_NS("Filter the audio twice. This provides a more " \
"intense effect.")];
[_equalizerPreampLabel setStringValue:_NS("Preamp")];
[_equalizerPreampLabel setToolTip:_NS("Set the global gain in dB (-20 ... 20).")];
/* Compressor */
[_compressorEnableCheckbox setTitle:_NS("Enable dynamic range compressor")];
......@@ -122,18 +125,38 @@
[_spatializerEnableCheckbox setTitle:_NS("Enable Spatializer")];
[_spatializerResetButton setTitle:_NS("Reset")];
[_spatializerBand1Label setStringValue:_NS("Size")];
[_spatializerBand1Label setToolTip:_NS("Defines the virtual surface of the room" \
" emulated by the filter.")];
[_spatializerBand2Label setStringValue:_NS("Width")];
[_spatializerBand2Label setToolTip:_NS("Width of the virtual room")];
[_spatializerBand3Label setStringValue:_NS("Wet")];
[_spatializerBand4Label setStringValue:_NS("Dry")];
[_spatializerBand5Label setStringValue:_NS("Damp")];
/* Filter */
[_filterHeadPhoneCheckbox setTitle:_NS("Headphone virtualization")];
[_filterHeadPhoneCheckbox setToolTip:_NS("This effect gives you the feeling that you are standing in a room " \
"with a complete 7.1 speaker set when using only a headphone, " \
"providing a more realistic sound experience. It should also be " \
"more comfortable and less tiring when listening to music for " \
"long periods of time.\nIt works with any source format from mono " \
"to 7.1.")];
[_filterNormLevelCheckbox setTitle:_NS("Volume normalization")];
[_filterNormLevelCheckbox setToolTip:_NS("Volume normalizer")];
[_filterNormLevelLabel setToolTip:_NS("If the average power over the last N buffers " \
"is higher than this value, the volume will be normalized. " \
"This value is a positive floating point number. A value " \
"between 0.5 and 10 seems sensible.")];
[_filterNormLevelLabel setStringValue:_NS("Maximum level")];
[_filterKaraokeCheckbox setTitle:_NS("Karaoke")];
[_filterKaraokeCheckbox setToolTip:_NS("Simple Karaoke filter")];
[_filterScaleTempoCheckbox setTitle:_NS("Scaletempo")];
[_filterScaleTempoCheckbox setToolTip:_NS("Audio tempo scaler synched with rate")];
[_filterStereoEnhancerCheckbox setTitle:_NS("Stereo Enhancer")];
[_filterStereoEnhancerCheckbox setToolTip:_NS("This filter enhances the stereo effect by "\
"suppressing mono (signal common to both channels) "\
"and by delaying the signal of left into right and vice versa, "\
"thereby widening the stereo effect.")];
/* generic */
[[_tabView tabViewItemAtIndex:[_tabView indexOfTabViewItemWithIdentifier:@"equalizer"]] setLabel:_NS("Equalizer")];
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