Commit 279bdb40 authored by Derk-Jan Hartman's avatar Derk-Jan Hartman

fortunes: PWNtcha !!!

parent 0d62ffd8
......@@ -878,3 +878,14 @@ VLC development is NOT about being a sed god.
< Daught> wait cygwin does not even have qt4...
< Daught> if I have to disable more stuff I will end up with windows media player
< thedj> no, captcha are reasonably easy to crack.
< ILEoo> just put up a porn site and ask user to check that captcha before showing video/images -> captcha cracked easily ;)
< thedj> that's one way :D
< thedj> MadlyMad: from our own sam.....
< MadlyMad> oh okey, impressive
< thresh> sam was probably tired checking captchas on porn sites
< sam> I saw that
< thresh> wasnt me
< thresh> a coworker of mine typed that, really
-- #videolan
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