Commit 0a40fae1 authored by Antoine Cellerier's avatar Antoine Cellerier

"I'm a girl!" fortune (x2) from 2 days ago.

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......@@ -734,3 +734,19 @@ Meuuh changed the topic of #videolan to: Welcome! | <funman> i don't remember la
<xtophe> with packet measured in inches instead of mm
-- #videolan
13:35 < kwolf_> hello
13:35 < kwolf_> anyone here i can bug? :-)
[ monologue ... noone helps ]
14:01 < kwolf_> anyone?
14:03 < kwolf_> please *whine*
14:04 < kwolf_> i am a girl, i need help :-D
14:06 < Dnumgis> kwolf_: I'm a lonely geek who know your answer, are you good looking?
-- #videolan
% Previous continued
14:09 < wereHamster> for (i=0;i<10;++i) printf("I'm a girl\n")
14:09 < wereHamster> am I a girl now?
14:09 < Dnumgis> wereHamster: you definitly need to send me a picture before I belive you :)
14:11 < Foxdie> live webcam ftw
14:11 < Dnumgis> Foxdie: right, I'll definitly need a live webcam to belive wereHamster is a girl
14:13 < Dnumgis> Foxdie: as a matter of fact all streaming related support requests here should be formulated as follows: "I'm a nice looking girl that have problems making my live webcam work"
-- #videolan
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