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    core: add player API · a80c78fc
    Thomas Guillem authored
    This API will replace the usage of input_thread_t from interface modules. The
    player implementation continue to use input_thread_t in private. The goal is to
    hide the input_thread_t API when every modules are switched to the player API.
    TODO (all need to be fixed, for VLC 4.0):
     - Gapless: API is complete but not implemented (the player can play several
       medias in a row, but without gapless).
     - Position callbacks: still using the input_thread_t position that is really
       imprecise (notified every 250ms minimum, and sometime more, depending on
       pf_demux implementation).
     - Seek/discontinuity callbacks: when seeking, the player can still send
       position of the requested position, the actual position or the next position
       to come. This leads to UI inconsistency.
     - OSD messages should be display from input callbacks but it's not possible
       now since you can't know if the event come from the user or from the core.
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