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    libraryView: Make video Playable · 6792d8be
    Vibhoothi authored
    This adds a new approach by calling addPlaylistItems method
    A new NSDictionary object with key "ITEM_URL" as it is required,which is added to a NSArray
    Console Output:
            "ITEM_URL" = "file:///Users/vibhoothiiaanand/Desktop/dummyVideos/Video5.3gp";
    2018-08-24 23:26:33.241 vlc-osx-static[72846:2136112] -[NSURL length]: unrecognized selector
    sent to instance 0x7f9b93784980
    GUI output:
    Freezes and need to force close
    To Do
    Fix  passing of the NSArray proper which is broken as of now
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