Commit f7686767 authored by Pierre Ynard's avatar Pierre Ynard

soundcloud.lua: update API magic

parent 5d2341eb
......@@ -83,10 +83,10 @@ function parse()
if track then
-- API magic
local client_id = "02gUJC0hH2ct1EGOcYXQIzRFU91c72Ea"
local client_id = "fDoItMDbsbZz8dY16ZzARCZmzgHBPotA"
-- app_version is not required by the API but we send it anyway
-- to remain unconspicuous
local app_version = "a089efd"
local app_version = "1480607078"
local api = vlc.access.."://"..track.."/streams?client_id="..client_id.."&app_version="..app_version..( secret and "&secret_token="..secret or "" ) )
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