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......@@ -218,6 +218,95 @@ Removed modules:
* SQL Lite (only used as SQL Media library backend)
Changes between 2.0.6 and 2.0.7:
* Fix playback termination when switching ES tracks (PowerPC only)
* Fix memory exhaustion vulnerability when playing specifically crafted
playlist files
* Fix WMA Pro, MPEG 4 ALS, APE, MLP and ADPCM-IMA4 playback
* Fix audio encoding for numerous codecs, notably mp3 and aac
* Fix noticeable memory leak when creating AVI files
Video output:
* Fix crash when using libvlc in 3rd party applications (Mac only)
Mac OS X Interface
* Minor improvements
* Fix issue which could lead to loss of media files created through transcoding
HTTP Interface
* Fix two xss vulnerabilities (CVE-2013-3565)
* Update Basque, Simplified Chinese, Ukrainian, Turkish, Portuguese, Norwegian Bokmål,
Burmese, Lithuanian, Italian, Hindi, Spanish, German, Czech, Danish, Welsh translations
* New Azerbaijani, Kirgyz, Oriya translations
Changes between 2.0.5 and 2.0.6:
* Fix HTTPS playback with some certificates previously rejected
Audio Output:
* Improve lookup of human readable device names in AUHAL plugin (OS X)
* Fix crash with broken asf files (SA-1302)
* Fix MKV behaviour with unknown or new ebml elements
* Fix use-after-free crash in Ogg demuxer, found by Tomi Juntunen
* Fix regression on some paletted codecs in AVI
* Fix ALAC in mp4 regression
* Improvements to the vimeo playlist parser
* Fix GPU decoding on Intel HD 2000/3000 cards on Windows
* Fix FLAC 6.1 and 7.1 channel layout
* Fix crashes in HTML srt subtitles
* 3rd party codecs updates
Mac OS X:
* Fix subtitle rendering resolution when using OS X's native fullscreen mode
* Improve fullscreen controller time slider with larger click target
* Fix listing of the lua interfaces (web, telnet and console)
in the advanced preferences panel
* Fix spatializer audio filter panel
* Fix crash within the video output code
* Fix BDMV folder selection issue on OS X Mountain Lion, which treats such
folders as a AVCHD file as soon as they include an item named INDEX.BDM
* Fix bug which caused a hidden fullscreen panel
* Fix various minor UI drawing issues (main window, fullscreen controller,
lua extensions, ...)
* Allow VLC to be associated with .dvdmedia packages
* Fix clearing of Media Info panel on dialog exit
* Numerous D-Bus and MPRIS2 improvements
* Reject broken versions of PulseAudio
* Fix uninstallation in different location than C:\
* Update of Brazilian Portuguese, Traditional Chinese, Thai, Portuguese,
Japanese, Italian, Hebrew, Estonian, Spanish, Czech, Catalan, Bosnian,
Asturian, French, Romanian, Serbian, Russian, Hindi, Estonian, German
Slovenian Norwegian Bokmål, Khmer, Icelandic, Interlingua, Welsh, Ukrainian,
Dutch, Danish, translations
* New Gujarati, Aragonese translations
Changes between 2.0.4 and 2.0.5:
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