Commit a4a19036 authored by Adrien Maglo's avatar Adrien Maglo

java-libs: add the android-support-v7-appcompat library to the dependencies

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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<!-- Copyright (C) 2012 The Android Open Source Project
Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
You may obtain a copy of the License at
Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
limitations under the License.
<manifest xmlns:android=""
<uses-sdk android:minSdkVersion="7"/>
<application />
Library Project including compatibility ActionBar.
This can be used by an Android project to provide
access to ActionBar on applications running on API 7+.
There is technically no source, but the src folder is necessary
to ensure that the build system works. The content is actually
located in libs/android-support-v7-appcompat.jar.
The accompanying resources must also be included in the application.
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<!-- Copyright (C) 2012 The Android Open Source Project
Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
You may obtain a copy of the License at
Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
limitations under the License.
<manifest xmlns:android=""
<uses-sdk android:minSdkVersion="7"/>
<application />
/home/magsoft/trunks/vlc-ports/android/java-libs/appcompat/bin/AndroidManifest.xml : \
/home/magsoft/trunks/vlc-ports/android/java-libs/appcompat/AndroidManifest.xml \
int anim abc_fade_in 0x7f040000
int anim abc_fade_out 0x7f040001
int anim abc_slide_in_bottom 0x7f040002
int anim abc_slide_in_top 0x7f040003
int anim abc_slide_out_bottom 0x7f040004
int anim abc_slide_out_top 0x7f040005
int attr actionBarDivider 0x7f01000f
int attr actionBarItemBackground 0x7f010010
int attr actionBarSize 0x7f01000e
int attr actionBarSplitStyle 0x7f01000c
int attr actionBarStyle 0x7f01000b
int attr actionBarTabBarStyle 0x7f010008
int attr actionBarTabStyle 0x7f010007
int attr actionBarTabTextStyle 0x7f010009
int attr actionBarWidgetTheme 0x7f01000d
int attr actionButtonStyle 0x7f010016
int attr actionDropDownStyle 0x7f010047
int attr actionLayout 0x7f01004e
int attr actionMenuTextAppearance 0x7f010011
int attr actionMenuTextColor 0x7f010012
int attr actionModeBackground 0x7f01003c
int attr actionModeCloseButtonStyle 0x7f01003b
int attr actionModeCloseDrawable 0x7f01003e
int attr actionModeCopyDrawable 0x7f010040
int attr actionModeCutDrawable 0x7f01003f
int attr actionModeFindDrawable 0x7f010044
int attr actionModePasteDrawable 0x7f010041
int attr actionModePopupWindowStyle 0x7f010046
int attr actionModeSelectAllDrawable 0x7f010042
int attr actionModeShareDrawable 0x7f010043
int attr actionModeSplitBackground 0x7f01003d
int attr actionModeStyle 0x7f01003a
int attr actionModeWebSearchDrawable 0x7f010045
int attr actionOverflowButtonStyle 0x7f01000a
int attr actionProviderClass 0x7f010050
int attr actionViewClass 0x7f01004f
int attr activityChooserViewStyle 0x7f01006c
int attr background 0x7f01002f
int attr backgroundSplit 0x7f010031
int attr backgroundStacked 0x7f010030
int attr buttonBarButtonStyle 0x7f010018
int attr buttonBarStyle 0x7f010017
int attr customNavigationLayout 0x7f010032
int attr disableChildrenWhenDisabled 0x7f010054
int attr displayOptions 0x7f010028
int attr divider 0x7f01002e
int attr dividerHorizontal 0x7f01001b
int attr dividerPadding 0x7f010056
int attr dividerVertical 0x7f01001a
int attr dropDownListViewStyle 0x7f010021
int attr dropdownListPreferredItemHeight 0x7f010048
int attr expandActivityOverflowButtonDrawable 0x7f01006b
int attr height 0x7f010026
int attr homeAsUpIndicator 0x7f010013
int attr homeLayout 0x7f010033
int attr icon 0x7f01002c
int attr iconifiedByDefault 0x7f01005a
int attr indeterminateProgressStyle 0x7f010035
int attr initialActivityCount 0x7f01006a
int attr isLightTheme 0x7f010059
int attr itemPadding 0x7f010037
int attr listChoiceBackgroundIndicator 0x7f01004c
int attr listPopupWindowStyle 0x7f010022
int attr listPreferredItemHeight 0x7f01001c
int attr listPreferredItemHeightLarge 0x7f01001e
int attr listPreferredItemHeightSmall 0x7f01001d
int attr listPreferredItemPaddingLeft 0x7f01001f
int attr listPreferredItemPaddingRight 0x7f010020
int attr logo 0x7f01002d
int attr navigationMode 0x7f010027
int attr paddingEnd 0x7f010039
int attr paddingStart 0x7f010038
int attr panelMenuListTheme 0x7f01004b
int attr panelMenuListWidth 0x7f01004a
int attr popupMenuStyle 0x7f010049
int attr popupPromptView 0x7f010053
int attr progressBarPadding 0x7f010036
int attr progressBarStyle 0x7f010034
int attr prompt 0x7f010051
int attr queryHint 0x7f01005b
int attr searchDropdownBackground 0x7f01005c
int attr searchResultListItemHeight 0x7f010065
int attr searchViewAutoCompleteTextView 0x7f010069
int attr searchViewCloseIcon 0x7f01005d
int attr searchViewEditQuery 0x7f010061
int attr searchViewEditQueryBackground 0x7f010062
int attr searchViewGoIcon 0x7f01005e
int attr searchViewSearchIcon 0x7f01005f
int attr searchViewTextField 0x7f010063
int attr searchViewTextFieldRight 0x7f010064
int attr searchViewVoiceIcon 0x7f010060
int attr selectableItemBackground 0x7f010019
int attr showAsAction 0x7f01004d
int attr showDividers 0x7f010055
int attr spinnerDropDownItemStyle 0x7f010058
int attr spinnerMode 0x7f010052
int attr spinnerStyle 0x7f010057
int attr subtitle 0x7f010029
int attr subtitleTextStyle 0x7f01002b
int attr textAllCaps 0x7f01006d
int attr textAppearanceLargePopupMenu 0x7f010014
int attr textAppearanceListItem 0x7f010023
int attr textAppearanceListItemSmall 0x7f010024
int attr textAppearanceSearchResultSubtitle 0x7f010067
int attr textAppearanceSearchResultTitle 0x7f010066
int attr textAppearanceSmallPopupMenu 0x7f010015
int attr textColorSearchUrl 0x7f010068
int attr title 0x7f010025
int attr titleTextStyle 0x7f01002a
int attr windowActionBar 0x7f010000
int attr windowActionBarOverlay 0x7f010001
int attr windowFixedHeightMajor 0x7f010006
int attr windowFixedHeightMinor 0x7f010004
int attr windowFixedWidthMajor 0x7f010003
int attr windowFixedWidthMinor 0x7f010005
int attr windowSplitActionBar 0x7f010002
int bool abc_action_bar_embed_tabs_pre_jb 0x7f060000
int bool abc_action_bar_expanded_action_views_exclusive 0x7f060001
int bool abc_config_actionMenuItemAllCaps 0x7f060005
int bool abc_config_allowActionMenuItemTextWithIcon 0x7f060004
int bool abc_config_showMenuShortcutsWhenKeyboardPresent 0x7f060003
int bool abc_split_action_bar_is_narrow 0x7f060002
int color abc_search_url_text_holo 0x7f070003
int color abc_search_url_text_normal 0x7f070000
int color abc_search_url_text_pressed 0x7f070002
int color abc_search_url_text_selected 0x7f070001
int dimen abc_action_bar_default_height 0x7f080002
int dimen abc_action_bar_icon_vertical_padding 0x7f080003
int dimen abc_action_bar_progress_bar_size 0x7f08000a
int dimen abc_action_bar_stacked_max_height 0x7f080009
int dimen abc_action_bar_stacked_tab_max_width 0x7f080001
int dimen abc_action_bar_subtitle_bottom_margin 0x7f080007
int dimen abc_action_bar_subtitle_text_size 0x7f080005
int dimen abc_action_bar_subtitle_top_margin 0x7f080006
int dimen abc_action_bar_title_text_size 0x7f080004
int dimen abc_action_button_min_width 0x7f080008
int dimen abc_config_prefDialogWidth 0x7f080000
int dimen abc_dropdownitem_icon_width 0x7f080010
int dimen abc_dropdownitem_text_padding_left 0x7f08000e
int dimen abc_dropdownitem_text_padding_right 0x7f08000f
int dimen abc_panel_menu_list_width 0x7f08000b
int dimen abc_search_view_preferred_width 0x7f08000d
int dimen abc_search_view_text_min_width 0x7f08000c
int dimen dialog_fixed_height_major 0x7f080013
int dimen dialog_fixed_height_minor 0x7f080014
int dimen dialog_fixed_width_major 0x7f080011
int dimen dialog_fixed_width_minor 0x7f080012
int drawable abc_ab_bottom_solid_dark_holo 0x7f020000
int drawable abc_ab_bottom_solid_light_holo 0x7f020001
int drawable abc_ab_bottom_transparent_dark_holo 0x7f020002
int drawable abc_ab_bottom_transparent_light_holo 0x7f020003
int drawable abc_ab_share_pack_holo_dark 0x7f020004
int drawable abc_ab_share_pack_holo_light 0x7f020005
int drawable abc_ab_solid_dark_holo 0x7f020006
int drawable abc_ab_solid_light_holo 0x7f020007
int drawable abc_ab_stacked_solid_dark_holo 0x7f020008
int drawable abc_ab_stacked_solid_light_holo 0x7f020009
int drawable abc_ab_stacked_transparent_dark_holo 0x7f02000a
int drawable abc_ab_stacked_transparent_light_holo 0x7f02000b
int drawable abc_ab_transparent_dark_holo 0x7f02000c
int drawable abc_ab_transparent_light_holo 0x7f02000d
int drawable abc_cab_background_bottom_holo_dark 0x7f02000e
int drawable abc_cab_background_bottom_holo_light 0x7f02000f
int drawable abc_cab_background_top_holo_dark 0x7f020010
int drawable abc_cab_background_top_holo_light 0x7f020011
int drawable abc_ic_ab_back_holo_dark 0x7f020012
int drawable abc_ic_ab_back_holo_light 0x7f020013
int drawable abc_ic_cab_done_holo_dark 0x7f020014
int drawable abc_ic_cab_done_holo_light 0x7f020015
int drawable abc_ic_clear 0x7f020016
int drawable abc_ic_clear_disabled 0x7f020017
int drawable abc_ic_clear_holo_light 0x7f020018
int drawable abc_ic_clear_normal 0x7f020019
int drawable abc_ic_clear_search_api_disabled_holo_light 0x7f02001a
int drawable abc_ic_clear_search_api_holo_light 0x7f02001b
int drawable abc_ic_commit_search_api_holo_dark 0x7f02001c
int drawable abc_ic_commit_search_api_holo_light 0x7f02001d
int drawable abc_ic_go 0x7f02001e
int drawable abc_ic_go_search_api_holo_light 0x7f02001f
int drawable abc_ic_menu_moreoverflow_normal_holo_dark 0x7f020020
int drawable abc_ic_menu_moreoverflow_normal_holo_light 0x7f020021
int drawable abc_ic_menu_share_holo_dark 0x7f020022
int drawable abc_ic_menu_share_holo_light 0x7f020023
int drawable abc_ic_search 0x7f020024
int drawable abc_ic_search_api_holo_light 0x7f020025
int drawable abc_ic_voice_search 0x7f020026
int drawable abc_ic_voice_search_api_holo_light 0x7f020027
int drawable abc_item_background_holo_dark 0x7f020028
int drawable abc_item_background_holo_light 0x7f020029
int drawable abc_list_divider_holo_dark 0x7f02002a
int drawable abc_list_divider_holo_light 0x7f02002b
int drawable abc_list_focused_holo 0x7f02002c
int drawable abc_list_longpressed_holo 0x7f02002d
int drawable abc_list_pressed_holo_dark 0x7f02002e
int drawable abc_list_pressed_holo_light 0x7f02002f
int drawable abc_list_selector_background_transition_holo_dark 0x7f020030
int drawable abc_list_selector_background_transition_holo_light 0x7f020031
int drawable abc_list_selector_disabled_holo_dark 0x7f020032
int drawable abc_list_selector_disabled_holo_light 0x7f020033
int drawable abc_list_selector_holo_dark 0x7f020034
int drawable abc_list_selector_holo_light 0x7f020035
int drawable abc_menu_dropdown_panel_holo_dark 0x7f020036
int drawable abc_menu_dropdown_panel_holo_light 0x7f020037
int drawable abc_menu_hardkey_panel_holo_dark 0x7f020038
int drawable abc_menu_hardkey_panel_holo_light 0x7f020039
int drawable abc_search_dropdown_dark 0x7f02003a
int drawable abc_search_dropdown_light 0x7f02003b
int drawable abc_spinner_ab_default_holo_dark 0x7f02003c
int drawable abc_spinner_ab_default_holo_light 0x7f02003d
int drawable abc_spinner_ab_disabled_holo_dark 0x7f02003e
int drawable abc_spinner_ab_disabled_holo_light 0x7f02003f
int drawable abc_spinner_ab_focused_holo_dark 0x7f020040
int drawable abc_spinner_ab_focused_holo_light 0x7f020041
int drawable abc_spinner_ab_holo_dark 0x7f020042
int drawable abc_spinner_ab_holo_light 0x7f020043
int drawable abc_spinner_ab_pressed_holo_dark 0x7f020044
int drawable abc_spinner_ab_pressed_holo_light 0x7f020045
int drawable abc_tab_indicator_ab_holo 0x7f020046
int drawable abc_tab_selected_focused_holo 0x7f020047
int drawable abc_tab_selected_holo 0x7f020048
int drawable abc_tab_selected_pressed_holo 0x7f020049
int drawable abc_tab_unselected_pressed_holo 0x7f02004a
int drawable abc_textfield_search_default_holo_dark 0x7f02004b
int drawable abc_textfield_search_default_holo_light 0x7f02004c
int drawable abc_textfield_search_right_default_holo_dark 0x7f02004d
int drawable abc_textfield_search_right_default_holo_light 0x7f02004e
int drawable abc_textfield_search_right_selected_holo_dark 0x7f02004f
int drawable abc_textfield_search_right_selected_holo_light 0x7f020050
int drawable abc_textfield_search_selected_holo_dark 0x7f020051
int drawable abc_textfield_search_selected_holo_light 0x7f020052
int drawable abc_textfield_searchview_holo_dark 0x7f020053
int drawable abc_textfield_searchview_holo_light 0x7f020054
int drawable abc_textfield_searchview_right_holo_dark 0x7f020055
int drawable abc_textfield_searchview_right_holo_light 0x7f020056
int id action_bar 0x7f05001c
int id action_bar_activity_content 0x7f050015
int id action_bar_container 0x7f05001b
int id action_bar_overlay_layout 0x7f05001f
int id action_bar_root 0x7f05001a
int id action_bar_subtitle 0x7f050023
int id action_bar_title 0x7f050022
int id action_context_bar 0x7f05001d
int id action_menu_divider 0x7f050016
int id action_menu_presenter 0x7f050017
int id action_mode_close_button 0x7f050024
int id activity_chooser_view_content 0x7f050025
int id always 0x7f05000b
int id beginning 0x7f050011
int id checkbox 0x7f05002d
int id collapseActionView 0x7f05000d
int id default_activity_button 0x7f050028
int id dialog 0x7f05000e
int id disableHome 0x7f050008
int id dropdown 0x7f05000f
int id edit_query 0x7f050030
int id end 0x7f050013
int id expand_activities_button 0x7f050026
int id expanded_menu 0x7f05002c
int id home 0x7f050014
int id homeAsUp 0x7f050005
int id icon 0x7f05002a
int id ifRoom 0x7f05000a
int id image 0x7f050027
int id listMode 0x7f050001
int id list_item 0x7f050029
int id middle 0x7f050012
int id never 0x7f050009
int id none 0x7f050010
int id normal 0x7f050000
int id progress_circular 0x7f050018
int id progress_horizontal 0x7f050019
int id radio 0x7f05002f
int id search_badge 0x7f050032
int id search_bar 0x7f050031
int id search_button 0x7f050033
int id search_close_btn 0x7f050038
int id search_edit_frame 0x7f050034
int id search_go_btn 0x7f05003a
int id search_mag_icon 0x7f050035
int id search_plate 0x7f050036
int id search_src_text 0x7f050037
int id search_voice_btn 0x7f05003b
int id shortcut 0x7f05002e
int id showCustom 0x7f050007
int id showHome 0x7f050004