Commit eed01ac1 authored by Robert Mourning's avatar Robert Mourning Committed by Geoffrey Métais init: fix regex matching android sdk/ndk variables.

grep was interpreting the variables as regexes intended to
match themselves. this could cause errors or false positives/negatives if the
variables contain regex metacharacters. now the variables are escaped to
produce regexes that will always and only match themselves.
Signed-off-by: default avatarGeoffrey Métais <>
parent 969ea713
......@@ -176,14 +176,20 @@ init_local_props() {
echo_props > "$1"
return 0
# escape special chars to get regex that matches string
make_regex() {
echo "$1" | sed -e 's/\([[\^$.*]\)/\\\1/g' -
android_sdk_regex=`make_regex "${ANDROID_SDK}"`
android_ndk_regex=`make_regex "${ANDROID_NDK}"`
# check for lines setting the SDK directory
total_sdk_count=`grep -c "${sdk_line_start}" "$1"`
good_sdk_count=`grep -c "${sdk_line_start}${ANDROID_SDK}\$" "$1"`
good_sdk_count=`grep -c "${sdk_line_start}${android_sdk_regex}\$" "$1"`
# check for lines setting the NDK directory
total_ndk_count=`grep -c "${ndk_line_start}" "$1"`
good_ndk_count=`grep -c "${ndk_line_start}${ANDROID_NDK}\$" "$1"`
good_ndk_count=`grep -c "${ndk_line_start}${android_ndk_regex}\$" "$1"`
# if one of each is found and both match the environment vars, no action needed
if [ "$total_sdk_count" -eq "1" -a "$good_sdk_count" -eq "1" \
-a "$total_ndk_count" -eq "1" -a "$good_ndk_count" -eq "1" ]
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