Commit b0e44b28 authored by Rafaël Carré's avatar Rafaël Carré
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compile script: Restore abort on error

- Detect leading digits of NDK version
    (Versions prior to 7 didn't have a RELEAST.TXT file)
- Don't automatically update existing vlc checkout
    Abort if the checkout does not contain the tested commit
    Give destructive instructions for update
parent cd587a89
......@@ -5,6 +5,8 @@
# or modify numbers in and vlc-android/
# Create an AVD with this platform.
set -e
# XXX : important!
cat << EOF
If you plan to use a device without NEON (e.g. the emulator), you need a build without NEON:
......@@ -27,7 +29,7 @@ fi
if [ -z "$NO_NDK_V7" ]; then
# try to detect NDK version
REL=$(grep -e "r[78]" $ANDROID_NDK/RELEASE.TXT)
REL=$(grep -o '^r[0-9]*' $ANDROID_NDK/RELEASE.TXT 2>/dev/null|cut -b2-)
if [ -z $REL ]; then
export NO_NDK_V7=1
......@@ -43,23 +45,32 @@ if [ ! -d "vlc" ]; then
echo "VLC source not found, cloning"
git clone git:// vlc
git checkout -B android ${TESTED_HASH}
echo "Applying the patches"
cd vlc
git am ../patches/*.patch
echo "VLC source found, updating"
echo "VLC source found"
cd vlc
git fetch origin
if git branch | grep -q '.*android$'; then
echo "Android branch found, merging"
git merge ${TESTED_HASH}
echo "Creating android branch"
git checkout -B android ${TESTED_HASH}
cd -
if ! git cat-file -e ${TESTED_HASH}; then
cat << EOF
*** Error: Your vlc checkout does not contain the latest tested commit ***
Please update your source with something like:
echo "Applying the patches"
cd vlc
git am ../patches/*.patch || git am --abort
git reset --hard origin
git pull origin master
git checkout -B android ${TESTED_HASH}
git am ../patches/*
*** : This will delete any changes you made to the current branch ***
exit 1
echo "Building the contribs"
mkdir -p contrib/android
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