Commit 9112115b authored by Geoffrey Métais's avatar Geoffrey Métais

Extract resource from hardcoded string

parent dbc4a2f7
......@@ -326,6 +326,7 @@
<string name="audio_delay">Audio delay</string>
<string name="spu_delay">Subtitle delay</string>
<string name="sleep_time_not_set">none set</string>
<string name="network_shares_discovery">Looking for network shares...</string>
<string name="network_empty">This directory is empty.</string>
<string name="network_connection_needed">No connection to local network.</string>
......@@ -349,7 +349,7 @@ public class AdvOptionsDialog extends DialogFragment implements View.OnClickList
if (VLCApplication.sPlayerSleepTime != null)
text = DateFormat.getTimeFormat(getOwner().mSleepTime.getContext()).format(VLCApplication.sPlayerSleepTime.getTime());
if (text == null)
text = "none set";
text = getOwner().getString(R.string.sleep_time_not_set);
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