Commit 7eb87b90 authored by Alexandre Perraud's avatar Alexandre Perraud

l10n : English update for MRL term

parent 330d1d16
......@@ -138,9 +138,9 @@
<string name="no_file_picker_found">No file picker was found on the system.</string>
<string name="open">Open</string>
<string name="open_mrl">Open MRL</string>
<string name="open_mrl">Stream</string>
<string name="open_mrl_dialog_title">Open network stream</string>
<string name="open_mrl_dialog_msg">Enter network MRL: e.g. http://, mms:// or rtsp://</string>
<string name="open_mrl_dialog_msg">Enter network address: e.g. http://, mms:// or rtsp://</string>
<string name="error_not_compatible">Sorry, your device is currently not supported by this version of VLC for Android™.</string>
<string name="error_problem">Sorry, VLC for Android had a problem loading and had to close.</string>
<string name="error_message_is">The error message is (please mention this when debugging):\n</string>
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