Commit 251be466 authored by Geoffrey Métais's avatar Geoffrey Métais
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Fix loading of last playlist

Media were not correctly retrieved from medialibrary
parent c5518285
......@@ -1646,9 +1646,8 @@ public class PlaybackService extends MediaBrowserServiceCompat implements IVLCVo
final List<MediaWrapper> playList = new ArrayList<>(locations.length);
for (String location : locations) {
String mrl = Uri.decode(location);
MediaWrapper mw = mMedialibrary.getMedia(mrl);
if (mw == null) mw = new MediaWrapper(Uri.parse(mrl));
final String mrl = Uri.decode(location);
final MediaWrapper mw = mMedialibrary.findMedia(new MediaWrapper(Uri.parse(mrl)));
// load playlist
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