Commit 23e6b704 authored by Alexandre Perraud's avatar Alexandre Perraud Committed by Edward Wang

Video: consume fromStart option after the video starts

Fix "the restart from the start again" bug when the screen goes off
Signed-off-by: Edward Wang's avatarEdward Wang <>
parent 9ba6bcf1
......@@ -1956,6 +1956,9 @@ public class VideoPlayerActivity extends Activity implements IVideoPlayer {
// in media library
if(media.getTime() > 0 && !fromStart)
// Consume fromStart option after first use to prevent
// restarting again when playback is paused.
getIntent().putExtra("fromStart", false);
mLastAudioTrack = media.getAudioTrack();
mLastSpuTrack = media.getSpuTrack();
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