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    compile: robustly initialize local.properties. · 7c948d8e
    Robert Mourning authored
    If local.properties exists but has been modified since last build,
    it might need to be changed to contain appropriate android sdk/ndk paths.
    For example, Android Studio will automatically modify local.properties
    if the project is opened in an environment with a different sdk location.
    Supports the following operations:
     - create a new local.properties if none exists, same as previous commit.
     - append sdk.dir and ndk.dir lines if none are found in existing file.
     - if existing file has incorrect sdk/ndk values, or has multiple entries
     for either, those lines will be replaced with a single one for each of
     sdk.dir and ndk.dir.
    Signed-off-by: default avatarGeoffrey Métais <geoffrey.metais@gmail.com>
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