Commit 5c1aa5dd authored by Nicolas Pomepuy's avatar Nicolas Pomepuy Committed by Geoffrey Métais

Fix snackbar shown twice when deleting files from album screen

parent 960f6398
......@@ -361,14 +361,7 @@ public class PlaylistActivity extends AudioPlayerContainerActivity implements IE
case Constants.CTX_DELETE:
final int resId = mIsPlaylist ? R.string.confirm_remove_from_playlist : R.string.confirm_delete;
UiTools.snackerConfirm(mBinding.getRoot(), getString(resId, media.getTitle()), new Runnable() {
public void run() {
if (mIsPlaylist) ((Playlist) mPlaylist).remove(position);
else removeItem(position, media);
removeItem(position, media);
case Constants.CTX_APPEND:
MediaUtils.INSTANCE.appendMedia(this, media.getTracks());
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