Commit b757400c authored by Hugo Beauzée-Luyssen's avatar Hugo Beauzée-Luyssen

res: Fix US spelling of color

parent 9bbb05a9
......@@ -278,7 +278,7 @@
<string name="screen_orientation_reverse_portrait">Reverse portrait</string>
<string name="screen_orientation_reverse_landscape">Reverse landscape</string>
<string name="enable_black_theme">Enable the black theme</string>
<string name="enable_black_theme_summary">Change the interface colours for better comfort in low light environments.</string>
<string name="enable_black_theme_summary">Change the interface colors for better comfort in low light environments.</string>
<string name="subtitle_text_encoding">Subtitle text encoding</string>
<string name="daynight_title">DayNight mode</string>
<string name="daynight_summary">Automatically switch to night mode at appropriate time</string>
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